The Blind Banker Missing Scene E-mail
The Blind Banker Missing Scene

This is a missing scene story for the end of The Blind Banker; as is typical of TV writers, we get the hurt but not the comfort, so once again it's the H/C junkies to the rescue. The plan is to cover the time from the tunnel to John and Sherlock discussing the jade pin, a discussion I think was at least a day removed from the tunnel rescue.

Rated PG    Aug 25, 2010  40K

Dialog from the actual episode written by Steve Thompson

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The Past is a Foreign Country E-mail
The Past is a Foreign Country

Rated PG   50K

Completed September 13, 2010

Author's Notes:  This story takes place between The Blind Banker and The Great Game.  The timing is already screwy if you try to compare events in the two episodes with other sources, such as John's Blog, so this is going to make it even muddier. 

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The Best Laid Plans E-mail
The Best Laid Plans
By: Lady Shelley
Thanks to MyJim for the idea and Watsonfan for the beta read.

NOTE:  This was my entry for the Sherlocking fan fiction contest.  The contest was to write a complete story in less than 1000 words.  Since it appears the contest will never be judged, I'm posting the story; enjoy!

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The Return E-mail
The Return
by Lady Shelley

MAJOR Spoilers for The Reichenbach Fall.  If you have not seen this episode yet, really don't read this until you have.

This is my version of what happened next and how things are resolved.

This was written February - March 2012 and I'm sure once series three airs, this will be in the realm of AU.

Dialogue from the episode written by Steve Thompson.

There is a companion story to this told from Sherlock's point of view in the works.

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