My Fan Fiction
These are stories I have written over the years.  My first fan fiction story was for The Sentinel and was posted in September of 1999.  Since then, I've expanded to include stories in the Stargate: SG1, NUMB3RS and Sherlock universes.  All of my fan fiction is GEN.

While the characters belong to others, the stories belong to me. Please ask before posting at another site.

Enjoy the stories, and please send feedback.

-- Force Factor     *nominated at Numb3rs Awards  
-- Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Watching NUMB3RS

The Sentinel:
-- Traval Plans
-- Animal House
-- Happy Christmas
-- Moving On
-- Something About Sandburg
-- Life Lines
-- And You Thought Your Weekend Was Bad
-- Instinct
-- It Feels Like Christmas
-- Home
-- Quarter Bag

-- The Blind Banker Missing Scene
-- The Past is a Foreign Country
-- The Best Laid Plans
-- The Return NEW! March 2012

Stargate SG:1:
-- Astronomy Lesson
-- Rebuilding a Life: Discoveries
-- Rebuilding a Life: First Steps
-- Rebuidling a Life: Foundations