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The Inevitable Series

  • The Inevitable -- After surviving Alex's attack, Blair decides there is no way he can go back to his old life with Jim. Too much was said that cannot be forgotten. But Jim is determined to find a way of making his partner see that he was wrong to throw him out of the loft and his life.

  • Undoing -- Shortly after moving back into the loft, Blair is abducted by Alex Barnes and Lee Brackett. Brackett is under orders to deliver a trained Sentinel to his "superiors" and needs Blair to accomplish the task. Jim must race against time to find his partner before the deadly pair discover the truth about Alex and her abilities.

  • Unsuspecting -- After surviving his abduction by Alex and Brackett, Blair realizes he must find a way of exploring his Shaman abilities. He soon becomes the target of an old Shaman who believes he can renew his own life by taking Blair's.

  • Unrelenting -- Jim and Blair become pawns for two ruthless businessmen who want to test the bond between Sentinel and Guide.

  • Undeniable -- Blair questions his place as Jim's Guide.

  • Unavoidable -- Unknown kidnappers have abducted Lee Brackett and are now after Blair. Can Jim and Blair figure out the motive behind this plan before Blair is captured too?


  • With Deadly Intent -- An old nemesis of Ellison's returns with a vengeance. As Jim watches the people closest to him become targets of this ruthless killer, he realizes that the killer wants more than just Jim's blood--he wants revenge as well. Can the detective stop him before Blair becomes the latest victim? Rated PG-13.
  • Hidden Truths -- As Jim and Blair struggle to put Quinn's attack behind them, a man from Jim's past enters their lives and forces them into a deadly game. As the partners are drawn into the dangerous adventure, Jim is faced with a promise he once made to his Guide, but has yet to keep. Rated PG-13.
  • Full Circle -- Two days before receiving his long-awaited PhD, events beyond his control force Blair into a desperate act in order to protect his partner. In the aftermath of the tragedy, both men come to fully realize the depth of their fierce devotion to one another. Rated PG.
  • Echoes From Borneo -- Dr. Eli Stoddard returns from Borneo and is immediately plunged into a controversy regarding a former student--a controversy that soon turns deadly. When Jim and Blair become involved, they are faced with a scenario of corruption and attempted murder that could topple the career of one of Rainier's more pretigious staff members. Rated PG-13.
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time -- Blair is asked to serve as keynote speaker at an anthropology conference at Washington State University. However, a routine stop en route placed Jim and Blair in the middle of a botched bank robbery. Rated PG.
  • Day of Reckoning -- Angered after learning her son killed a man, Naomi Sandburg shows up at the loft, determined to separate Blair from Jim and his "bad influence." But her surprise visit is interrupted by the return of an old adversary of Jim and Blair's. Rated PG13.
  • Blessed Protector -- In the aftermath of Marcus Grant's attack on Blair, Jim is plagued with nightmares regarding another case from his past. Will he talk to Blair before the dreams consume him? Rated G.
  • Fathers and Sons
  • To Have and To Hold -- When an employee at the Records Department of the Cascade PD becomes the target of a stalker, Jim and Blair are assigned to protect her. But Jim's protective feelings toward the woman soon turn to feelings of attraction.
  • Pilgrimage, Part One: Descent Into Darkness -- For the first time since his death at the fountain, Blair comes face to face with his spiritual role within the sentinel/shaman legacy. But what he encounters could destroy him and his relationship with Jim.
  • Pilgrimage, Part Two: Ascent Into Light -- Following Sandburg's traumatic experience on the mountain pass, Jim arranges to take him out of town for some much-needed downtime. But an unexpected detour enroute puts Blair in a position where the young man can no longer ignore his fears regarding his animal spirit and the "way of the shaman."
  • 'Til Death Do Us Part -- It's time for Hannah Merrick to face trial for attempting to kill our favorite police consultant, and Simon, Jim and Blair are looking forward to her going away for a long, long time. But they forgot that this is Cascade we're dealing with.... Could anything in Cascade really be that easy?
  • Out of the Shadows -- Someone is attacking students and staff on the campus of Rainier University, and Jim and Blair eagerly take up the case. But before the mystery is solved it will bcome apparent that the two men have bumped into something much more sinister than a few random attacks. Rated PG for violence.
  • Rest in Peace, Blair Sandburg -- The mystery surrounding recent attacks on Rainier's campus deepens, but this time Jim must tackle the case alone. But in his search to get to the truth regarding the attacks, he comes upon an unexpected ally...and an unexpected foe.
  • Buried Fears -- Marcus Grant has disappeared...again. But his most recent appearance has Blair feeling jumpy and Jim feeling overprotective. As the two men struggle to work through their problems, they are faced with the death of a colleague...a death that serves to compound their fears even more.
  • Sushi, Sasquatch...and Sandburg -- The title says it all!
  • Lying In Wait -- Blair is asked to teach summer classes at the Academy. But when he takes the job he has no idea the trouble that awaits.
  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent -- Jim and Blair are once again in trouble. But when help arrives,could the cure be worse than the disease?
  • Last Call for Marcus Grant -- Grant has "persuaded" Blair to go away with him for a week, insisting that he can prove his friendship if just given the chance. Will Blair survive the week? Will Grant?
  • Legacy -- While helping Jim clean out the attic of the Ellison family home, Blair finds a small book that quickly piques his interest. But the innocent-looking volume turns out to be life-changing -- for both Jim AND Blair.

Stand-Alone Stories

  • One of Our Own -- Blair's position at the department is questioned.

  • Sentinel, Too, Part Two, Alternate Ending

  • Four Point Shot, Alternate Ending

  • Closed Off -- When a lack of communication pushes Blair to the breaking point, is it too late for Jim to salvage their friendship?

  • The Comforts of Home -- Three shorts stories of friendship.

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