Gina Jones
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  • Tightrope -- When you lose your balance is there anything there to keep you from falling?
  • Darkness Before Light -- Things are looking bleak, but Blair begins to see a spark of salvation.
  • Bullheadedness in the Bullpen -- A sick Blair, and a worried other words, a normal day in my TS world. :-)
  • Cold and Wet is My World -- A little piece on how a damp guppy goes through the day...again, mindless fluff.
  • Entwined: Mindless fluff -- a short hurt/comfort piece. How does a sentinel carry on?
  • Crash and Burn -- A post TSbyBS story. Is Blair up to the challenges that face him?
  • Christmas Blessings -- Blair is in the hospital, but who is really suffering?
  • Trouble Magnet -- How does one thank the man that has saved him more times than he can count?
  • Night Terrors -- Blair has a nightmare, but when he awakens, is it over, or just beginning?
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