Modesty Blaze
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  • Smarmalade -- Jim, Blair and a mischievous kitten. My first fanfic. Lightweight drama. PG.
  • A Day Off -- Blair tries to have a relaxing day in the park. More serious. PG. Violence.
  • The Hanged Man -- A Tarot Card is the only lead to a mysterious serial killer and Blair is the next target. Halloween story. Supernatural. All out drama. PG 13 for violence and language.
  • Edge -- Blair is not quite himself. Can Jim find out why before it is too late?
  • Beating Heart duology

Christmas Stories

  • Christmas Carol -- Jim gets an unexpected letter from Carolyn.
  • Comfort and Joy -- Blair has made the wrong choice . Or maybe the right one.
  • And something for Sue.... -- Jim has a busy day keeping the peace in a Cascade Mall.
  • Branching Out -- A Sequel to 'Comfort and Joy' plus 'And something for Sue'.
    More Sap. More Trees. Definitely More Fluff.

Faith Hope and Charity Series

  • Faith, Hope and Charity -- The story that started this series. Jim and Blair have to share a Motel room on the night before Valentine's Day and Jim decides to play a trick on Blair by telling him a totally outrageous story that can't possibly have a grain of truth in it. Or has it?
  • Charity begins at home -- Epilogue (or a new beginning?) Jim and Blair have a surprising encounter with a Charity resident at a Cascade supermarket.
  • Loose Lips -- A rumor is spreading through Cascade PD.
  • Revenge is a dish best served with a cold -- Jim decides to balance some Karma.
  • Sense of Decorum -- Blair gets his revenge on both Jim and Simon.

Cascade Times Duology

  • What to do with 700 Porcupines... -- writing reports can be tough for Jim. Intense silliness.
  • Never turn your back on the Ides of March -- Rafe and Blair strike back. Sequel with more silliness.
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