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  • Chance Meeting -- This could be considered a stand alone story or a prequel to my other stories. This little ramble is an exploration of Blair's thoughts the Father's Day before Family. Blair not only muses about his own feelings about not knowing his father, but tries to help another poor soul deal with their own pain during this holiday.
  • Family -- This story picks up right at the moment 'Missing Spare Parts' leaves off. How will Blair deal with the revelation brought on by Naomi's visit? And how will Jim deal with the results?
  • Blank Page -- It's been a few months since Family and Blair has learned more and more to accept his father. Now Father's Day is coming and he wants to do something special, but as usual, nothing seems to go right for Cascade's trouble-magnet police observer.
  • An Excuse
  • Hazy Shade of Winter
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