NUMB3RS Season One
ImageWe all use math every day: to forecast weather, to tell time, to handle money.  We also use math to analyze crime, reveal patterns, predict behavior. Using numbers, we can solve the biggest mysteries we know.

Thirteen episodes (January 2005 - May 2005)

101 -- Pilot -- FBI Special Agent Don Eppes enlists his younger brother, Charlie, a mathematician, to help find a serial rapist.

102 -- Uncertainty Principle -- A series of bank robberies has turned violent and Don's investigation is crippled when Charlie withdraws into a historically unsolvable math problem, P vs NP

103 -- Vector -- A lethal virus outbreak in LA, is it bio-terrorism or something even more sinister?

104 -- Structural Corruption -- Charlie doesn't believe the death of a CalSci student was suicide and asks Don to investigate; was the boy murdered because of what he knew about the construction of an LA high-rise?

105 -- Prime Suspect -- When the five year old daughter of a mathematician is kidnapped, the FBI creates an elaborate trap using Reimann's Hypothesis to find her.

106 -- Sabotage -- A serial saboteur is leaving cryptic notes at train wrecks to confound the FBI.

107 -- Counterfeit Reality -- A counterfeiting case is further complicated by a kidnapping and an old flame of Don's.

108 -- Identity Crisis -- The murder of a stock fraud suspect has Don questioning a previous arrest.

109 -- Sniper Zero -- When four people in the LA area are killed by a sniper, Don calls in a Quantico specialist to help solve the case.
110 -- Dirty Bomb -- A cargo of nuclear waste is is hijacked and Don's team needs to find it before the hijackers detonate it in LA.

111 -- Sacrifice -- A computer researcher is murdered leaving behind a cryptic data file about a project that Charlie must decipher.

112 -- Noisy Edge -- An elusive object is flying near LA. What it is and where it leads uncovers a possible terrorist scheme.

113 -- Man Hunt -- A bus crash allows a violent felon to escape leading Don and an old partner on a hunt to find him.
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