NUMB3RS Season Two
ImageWe all use math every day: to predict weather, to tell time, to handle money. Math is more than formulas and equations, it's logic, it's rationality. It's using your mind to solve the biggest mysteries we know.

Twenty-four episodes (September 2005 - May 2006)

201 -- Judgement Call -- Don and Colby investigate the connection between an Asian street gang and the murder of a judge's wife

202 -- Bettor or Worse -- A jewelry store owner's family is kidnapped, and the only person who knows where they are is killed by a security guard.

203 -- Obsession -- A singer is being stalked and the murder of a photographer may be connected.
204 -- Calculated Risk -- A whistle-blower in a federal fraud case is murdered and the only witness may be the dead woman's son.

205 -- Assassin -- Don's team finds a suspicious code during a raid that could lead to the assassination of a Columbian exile.

206 -- Soft Target -- An FBI investigation of threats against training drills for Homeland Security are hampered by a consultant who doesn't believe there is a threat.
207 -- Convergence -- A series of home invasions escalates to murder; could the man's cell phone have marked him as a target?

208 -- In Plain Sight -- A child pornography case hits too close for Charlie who becomes obsessed with finding a young girl who has been exploited.

209 -- Toxin -- Over-the-counter medications have caused several seizures in the LA area over a two week period, Don's team is called in to investigate the connection.

210 -- Bones of Contention -- An anthropologist is murdered and Don's team investigates if her current project is the reason.

211 -- Scorched -- An arsonist is setting fires using Molotov cocktails in the LA area. Don enlists Charlie's help to investigate the latest fire where a man is murdered.

212 -- The OG -- An FBI agent is killed while undercover as a gang member; Don's team investigates how he was killed as his cover was never blown.

213 -- Double Down -- A murder at a casino leads to money laundering and a surprising revelation about Larry.

214 -- Harvest -- Don's team is called in to investigate a woman's murder when it's discovered her death may be connected with an organ-harvesting ring.

215 -- The Running Man -- The theft of a DNA synthesizer from CalSci has the FBI searching for terrorist group before it can be used as a biowarfare tool.

216 -- Protest -- An Army recruitment office is bombed killing a man, was it part of an anti-war protest or something else?

217 -- Mind Games -- A psychic is reporting crime scenes before anyone is aware there has been a crime.
218 -- All's Fair -- An Iraqi activist is killed and Don's team runs into several blocks, bot offical and cultural, while trying to figure out why she was murdered.

219 -- Dark Matter -- A shooting at an area high school brings back bad memories for Charlie and serious questions about the number of shooters involved.
220 -- Guns & Roses -- An AFT agent is killed and Don's team investigates whether she was murdered or if she committed suicide.

221 -- Rampage -- The FBI investigation against a man accused of sexual assault is complicated when the man turns up dead during a shooting at FBI headquarters
222 -- Backscatter -- The FBI investigatation of bank fraud leads to the Russian mafia and threats against the Eppes family.
223 -- Undercurrents -- The FBI investigates the deaths of several Asian women and finds evidence of a modern slave trade.
224 -- Hot Shot -- Don's team investigates a serial rapist turned murderer that returns the bodies to the victim's homes.
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