TSSEP Season Three
NOTE: Windows IE users -- IE does not always play well with the TSSEP stories.  I have no idea what the problem is, however there is a fix.  If you shrink the window you are viewing the story in (drag the lower right corner of the window up toward the upper left corner) the story will "pop" in.  Once the story is there, you can reexpand the window and the story will stay so you can read.  I do apologize for this, hopefully I can track down what the problem is for IE.


Three Point Shot

The Girl Next Door


Inside Man


Fool Me Twice

Storm Warning

Red Ice

Dead Certain

Breaking Ground

Prisoner X

The Trance

Mirror Image

Finkelman's Folly

Sweet Science


Love Kills


Foreign Exchange

Neighborhood Watch

Night Shift

Sentinel Too Part 1

Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 November 2006 )
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