221 Rampage
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We better be anticipating what he's gonna to do next  ...

ImageSummary: The FBI investigation against a man accused of sexual assault is complicated when the man turns up dead during a shooting at FBI headquarters

Original air date: April 28, 2006

Written by:
Ken Sanzel

Directed by
: J Miller Tobin

Opening numbers:
4: Dimensions
3: Casualties
2: Stripes
1: Path

Family Concepts: (character development)
  • Megan teaches krav maga at the YMCA
  • Colby *might* be a surfer
  • Don had to walk Charlie home from third grade classes to protect him from a bully named Sam Titchell
  • Alan admits Charlie was protected through life

Episode Quotes:
  • Megan: If you're gonna arrest people that are one hundred pounds heavier than you, you're gonna need to learn some hobbies.
  • Charlie: I realize the only thing I'm really afraid of is being afraid again.
  • David: What's the first thing a New Yorker notices about LA?
    Megan: No good pizza.
    David: OK the second thing.
  • Charlie: We're gonna need string ... lots of string.
  • Megan: When you were a kid, were you the worst at hide-and-go-seek ever?
  • Colby: The real question is how much of forever you want to spend in jail.
  • Megan: He [Kurt] is wanted in five countries.
    David: Six.
  • Don: I'm cool until everything quiets down.  Then it's like my head is a bad neighborhood to be in.

Episode Synopsis:

A shooting at the FBI office leaves a suspected child molester dead and two agents injured.  Charlie is at the office at the time helping Don with the molestation case; when the bullets start flying, one misses Charlie by inches.  As a result Charlie is afraid to return to Don's office.

The shooter, Alec Schane is a real estate broker with no reason to kill the child molester; when Colby asks him for information he replies he wants a lawyer.   Megan and David also investigate Alec Schane and discover he is a brown belt in koketsu; a good man to have at the dojo, but he did have problems with a man named Kurt.

Once back at the office, still in disarray from the shooting, Don informs Colby that the bullet that killed  the molester was from his gun.  Colby is put on restricted duty until the investigation into the shooting is complete.  This is a standard procedure, but Colby seems to be taking the news harder than expected.  He refuses Don's offer of time off and says he will continue to work the case from his desk.

While reviewing the security tapes of the shooting, Colby discovers Kurt was the one to drive Alec to the FBI office.  Charlie, working on the shooting from home and avoiding the FBI office, tries mapping the shooting but has little success.  Schane's movements seem to follow Brownian Motion, but there are discrepancies. He realizes he will have to return to Don's office if he really wants to see what happened when Alec opened fire. After mapping the FBI office with string and modeling the result in a computer, Charlie points out the Schane follows a Brownian path through most of his shooting spree, but purposely avoids one work space.  Dave Taggert is questioned about why he would be involved with Schane but doesn't say much.  Megan discovers Taggert was phishing through an arms dealer case that had just gone to trial and digging deeper into the trial information, it shows Taggert was copying sensitive data on witnesses.  It turns out that Schane and Taggert were both threatened by Kurt DeLock to get the witness information as DeLock is a hired assassin and is trying to kill off the key witnesses in the arms case; the number one witness being an agent Matt Pribitech.  When Pribitech lands at the LA airport, he informs David that his family has been kidnapped.

Megan and David go back to Schane in the hospital to get more information on DeLock and Schane tells them about a trailer DeLock has out in the desert. Don, Megan and David find the trailer and are scouting the area when DeLock calls Pribitech with directions out to the trailer presumably to see his family before he testifies; Megan thinks the reason is to kill Pribitech and his family as the trailer is wired with a fertilizer bomb.  Charlie and Colby working from the FBI office figure where DeLock could be hiding where he could see the trailer.  Megan and David move in to rescue Pribitech's family and Don finds DeLock before he can set off the bomb.

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