224 Hot Shot
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You dress one up and take her home you're saying look at what a nice person I am ...

ImageSummary: Don's team investigates a serial rapist turned murderer that returns the bodies to the victim's homes.

Original air date
: May 19, 2006 (US)

Written by: Barry Schindel

Directed by: John Behring

Opening numbers:
24: Frames per second
50 Milligrams
5: Sleep cycles
1: Syringe
No opening credits

Family Concepts (character development):
  • This is the first episode in which Margaret appears (in Charlie and Alan's dreams)
  • Charlie doesn't like pancakes; Don does
  • This is the first time Charlie has dreamt about his mother since she died
  • Larry's mother died years ago
  • Larry states he rarely dreams (but does have a recurring dream about his Aunt Louise eating his flesh)
  • Amita has not made a decision about the job at Harvard
  • Alan claims in a dream to Margaret that his dating of Donna the carterer is "not serious"
  • Don's radio call sign number is 3695
  • According to Margaret (in one of Charlie's dreams) Charlie is most like Alan while Don is more like Margaret.
  • Charlie feels guilt/regret for the amount of time his mother spent with him, especially the time at Princeton.

Episode Quotes:
  • Charlie: I don't even dream normal.
  • Colby: And yeah, no guy agrees not to have sex.
  • Colby: Unfortunately, there are people out there who don't give a damn whether you've thought about it [being murdered] or not.
  • Alan [to Dream Margaret]: Then you shouldn't have died.
  • Megan: What I want to see is you fry.

Episode Synopsis:

Charlie has had a dream involving Alan being shot during a store robbery and then his mother appears, making pancakes and tells him she is there because he needs to ask her something.  Charlie isn't sure what it is he needs to ask Margaret, but she assures him he will think of it.  In response, Charlie trying to use math to quantify his dream and figure out what it means.

Colby is suspicious of Thomas after the interview, does some digging and discovers he called her the night she disappeared.  A search of Thomas' house reveals a very kinky past-time and Thomas is arrested.  In an interview with Don, Thomas admits Carla never participated in his sexual fantasies but that he didn't have anything to do with her death.  Colby runs down his alibi and finds he couldn't have had any involvement after all.

Charlie comes to Don to talk about his dream and hears about the recent case.  He offers to try and find a pattern to the women's lives to see when they could have met their killer. He suggests finding out where their daily habits might have changed and follow up on the new element.  Megan finds out that Carla had recently had a snow boarding accident and had started a new exercise program as rehab.  While at one of her sessions, she met Chandler Yates, the son of one of the other women at the new gym.  An interview with Chandler's mother reveals he is in his forties and living on a trust fund that she has recently cut off.

The team goes out to a beach house where Chandler is living to find he isn't home, a search of the area reveals a room set up for filming and lots of still images of women.  Don and David go to a local bar where Chandler hangs out and talks to one of the waitresses, Lindsey, who answers questions but thinks any allegations against Chandler are silly as he's a nice guy.

After a third woman is found dead, Megan and Colby go back to Chandler's mother hoping for information as to where he is; she tells them she is supposed to meet him at a park to give him money.  Megan, David and Colby stake out the park while Don tracks down leads at the bar.  Seemingly Chandler appears at the park to get the money, but after a short chase, the FBI discovers the person there is really Lindsey.  Don follows a lead back to Lindsey's house where he finds another woman bound, and Chandler.  During an ensuing fight, Don is injected with the contents of a syringe, but manages to shoot Chandler before he passes out.

Charlie has another dream about his mother, and tells her he's figured out what the question is he wants to ask her:  Does she regret the amount of time she had to spend away from Alan and Don while Charlie was growing up.  She tells him no that at the time Charlie needed his mother.  Charlie wakes up to find Don at the table working on his statement about the shooting, Charlie and Alan offer to help with the statement.

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