NUMB3RS Season Three
ImageSeason three does not have an opening credit sequence or voice-over.

Twenty-four episodes (September 2006 - May 2007)

301 -- Spree (part 1) -- Don's team must stop a young couple's robbery spree that has turned to murder.

302 -- Two Daughters (part 2) -- Don's team must stop a young couple's robbery spree that has turned to murder.

303 -- Provenance -- A painting with an interesting history leads to murder

304 -- The Mole -- The FBI investigates the death of a Chinese interpreter

305 -- Traffic -- The FBI is called in to investigate a series of incidents on the LA highways

306 -- Longshot -- A murder at a local race track leads to organized crime and drug running.

307 -- Blackout -- An accident may not be all it seems when a blackout causes several problems for the FBI.

308 -- Hardball -- The suspicious death of a minor league baseball player leads Don's team to a major doping ring

309 -- Waste Not -- Don's team investigates a construction company after a sinkhole develops at an elementary school

310 -- Brutus -- The death of a senator leads the FBI to investigate a prisoner early-release program with ties to the CIA.

311 -- Killer Chat -- The FBI investigates a series of murders where the victims appear to all be sexual predators.

312 -- Nine Wives -- The FBI investigates a polygamist cult after a woman goes missing.

313 -- Finders Keepers -- Don's team investigates the suspicious death of a diver looking for the wreck of a yacht off the California coast.

314 -- Take Out -- The FBI investigates a money laundering operation involving LA area restaurants and stolen credit cards.

315 -- End of Watch -- LAPD asks the FBI for help solving a seventeen year old murder of a police officer

316 -- Contenders -- A fighter friend of Sinclair's is suspected of murdering his competition

317 -- One Hour --  The FBI has one hour to find a kidnapped boy; Don is unavailable in a therapy session

318 -- Democracy -- Several deaths by seemingly natural causes leads the FBI into an investigation of election fraud.  

319 -- Pandora's Box -- The FBI investigates why a corporate jet crashed in a federal forest area.

320 -- Burn Rate -- The FBI investigates a series of bombings possibly instigated by a man currently in prison.

321 -- The Art of Reckoning --  Don doesn't believe a convicted hit man really wants to help an FBI investigation and Larry has to readjust to life back home after returning from the ISS.

322 -- Under Pressure -- The FBI races to stop a terrorist attack on the LA water suppy

323 -- Money for Nothing -- The FBI searches for a hijacked truck holding medical supplies, $50 million and two kidnapped aid workers. 

324 -- The Janus List -- A stand-off with a bomber leads to a secret that will change Don's team.
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