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If you are looking for web sites in other languages, please check the International NUMB3RS page for the country/language you need. Specific actor links can also be found in the Character Factor section.

Offical sites:
  • CBS
    Official network site includes a few videos and current episode information
  • The Math Behind NUMB3RS
    maintained by Wolfram Research
Fan Created Sites:
  • Information sites:
  • Character/Actor Specific Sites:
  • Fandom Awards:
  • Fan Fiction Archives and Art Galleries:
Misc Sites:
  • IMDb
    show listing that includes cast and crew information and other useful stuff
    Ed Pegg Jr's web site
  • NUMB3RS Math Blog
    Site is maintained by the Northeastern University Math Department.
    Spoilers for upcoming episodes. (NUMB3RS is listed under "Other Shows")
  • Wikipedia
    NUMB3RS entry at Wikipedia

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