NUMB3RS Season Four
ImageSeason four was a short season due to the 2007-2008 Writer's Guild of America srike.

Eighteen episodes (September 2007 - May 2008)

401 -- Trust Metric -- Don's team must deal with the fallout from the revelation that Agent Colby Granger is a double agent working for the Chinese government.

402 -- Hollywood Homicide -- A murder in the Hollywood Hills leads Don's team to an investigation of blackmail

403 -- Velocity -- The FBI is called in to investigate a car accident that may be more than it appears.

404 -- Thirteen -- Cryptic messages related to Bible passages lead Don's team on the trail of a serial killer

405 -- Robin Hood -- Don's team tracks a bank robber who donates his stolen wealth to charities.

406 -- In Security -- Don feels responsible when a participant in the Witness Protection Program is killed.

407 -- Primacy -- The FBI enters the world of alternate reality gaming to investigate a violent death.

408 -- Tabu -- An extremist group kidnaps an heiress and getting her back is only one of a series of problems for the FBI

409 -- Graphic -- The FBI must find not only a killer but a rare comic book while investigating a robbery at a comic book convention.

410 -- Chinese Box -- A member of Don's team is held hostage in the FBI headquarters building.

411 -- Breaking Point --  A journalist is missing and the FBI investigation is compromised when Charlie is harrassed while assisting on the case.

412 -- Power -- The FBI investigates a serial rapist with ties to the LAPD

413 -- Black Swan -- A secondary arrest at the bust of a meth lab leads to an even bigger crime.

414 -- Checkmate -- Don's team is assigned to protect ADA Robin Brooks after three witnesses in her current case are murdered.

415 -- End Game --  A family with ties to a previous case are kidnapped; Don's team must get them back and deal with the return of suspect wanted for murder.

416 -- Atomic No 33 -- Don's team investigates the poisoning of a religious cult

417 -- Pay to Play -- An investigation into the shooting death of a rap star leads to an even deeper conspiracy

418 -- When Worlds Collide -- The investigation of a terrorist group creates tension within Don's team and problems between the brothers.

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