NUMB3RS Season Five
Season five does not have an opening credit sequence or voice-over.
Twenty-three episodes (October 2008 - May 2009)

501 -- High Exposure -- The FBI team gains a new member during the investigation of a double murder and Charlie must decide what he will do about his clearance.

502 -- The Decoy Effect -- A woman's murder leads to an investigation of ATM thefts.  Charlie begins the process to regain his security clearance.

503 -- Blowback -- A shooting in at an LA coffee shop leads the FBI into a web of intrigue inside the LAPD

504 -- Jack Of All Trades -- Don's team assists in the investigation of a long-time con artist

505 -- Scan Man -- The FBI needs the help of a savant to solve a case involving a series of high-priced thefts from a shipping company

506 -- Magic Show -- The FBI investigates the disappearance a magician during her performance.

507 -- Charlie Don't Surf -- The death of a family friend puts Don's team on the trail of an even bigger crime.

508 -- Thirty-Six Hours -- The FBI investigates whether a passenger train accident is really an accident or an act of terrorism.

509 -- Conspiracy Theory -- Rumors abound when the FBI investigates the bombing of a charity headquarters.

510 -- Frienemies -- Charlie must rely on the help of Marshall Penfield to help the FBI with a case of vigilante violence

511 -- Arrow of Time -- Buck Winters breaks out of jail and comes after Don for revenge

512 -- Jacked -- Don's team is called in when a Hollywood tour bus is hijacked

513 -- Trouble in Chinatown -- An undercover agent is kidnapped sending Don's team into the black market of Chinatown to find her.

514 -- Sneakerhead -- Don's team is called in when an unusual collectible goes missing from an ambassador's vault.

515 -- Guilt Trip -- AUSA Robin Brooks asks Don to investigate a case of jury-tampering after a weapons smuggler is acquitted

516 -- Cover Me -- Based on a plan of Charlie's, a member of Don's team goes undercover to try and stop a new drug hitting the streets of LA.

517 -- First Law -- The FBI investigates a murder with an unusual prime suspect

518 -- 12:01AM -- Don's team has only a few hours to follow up a lead that might free a mob boss on death row.

519 -- Animal Rites -- The death of a CalSci professor may be linked to a radical animal rights group

520 -- The Fifth Man -- Don is critically injured during a home invasions investigation

521 -- Disturbed -- Don's team is on the hunt for a serial killer

522 -- Greatest Hits -- An ex-FBI agent is a main suspect in a string of bank robberies

523 -- Angels and Devils -- A delusional cult leader is the prime suspect in a kidnapping involving Amita.
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