NUMB3RS Season Six

Sixteen episodes (September 2009 - February 2010)

601 -- Hangman -- Don's team is charged with protecting a political activist from a possible sniper

602 -- Friendly Fire -- Don's team investigates what went wrong when two FBI agents are killed during a shoot out at a bank robbery

603 -- 7 Men Out -- The FBI investigates a gambling ring playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette

604 -- Where Credit's Due -- A series of murders appear to be copy-cat crimes from a film yet to be released.

605 -- HYDRA -- An FBI investigation of a kidnapped girl is hampered by an outside security firm also working the case

606 -- Dreamland -- The FBI investigates a series of possible UFO sightings and a murder at an abandoned Air Force Base.

607 -- Shadow Markets -- The FBI investigates a series of cyber-crimes that may have deadly consequences

608 -- Ultimatum -- Agent Edgerton is accused of murdering an FBI informant

609 -- Con Job -- A convicted criminal may hold the answers to an FBI investigation into a diamond theft

610 -- Old Soldiers -- A foiled armored car heist turns up money from an infamous old robbery case.

611 -- Scratch -- Lottery winners are stealing scratch-off tickets leading the FBI on a hunt to figure out why.

612 -- Arm in Arms -- The FBI investigates the theft of a poorly designed high-powered weapons shipment with the help of a local arms dealer

613 -- Devil Girl -- The FBI investigates a series of murders involving men who hire prostitutes.

614 -- And the Winner Is ... -- A jewel heist during an awards show puts Don's team in the media spotlight.

615 -- Growin' Up -- The investigation of two deaths leads Don's team back to a crime which happened when the men were children

616 -- Cause and Effect -- Don's service weapon is stolen and used in a series of crimes by vigilantes

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