All the math

NUMB3RS has opened the eyes of many people to the ways math and science can be used to solve crimes. This is a list of all the math and science concepts used in the series with links to on-line sources to find more information or articles written by mathematicians and scientists explaining the concepts used in episodes.

Dirk Brockmann

Dirk Brockmann — (1969 – ) Theoretical physicist and associate professor at Northwestern UniversityMore information


Lottery — a game of chance based on randomly selected numbers matching a purchased ticket More information

Risk/Reward Analysis

Risk/Reward Analysis — a way to analyze the potential return of an investment against the potential risk of losing said investmentMore information

D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper — The alias given to a man who hijacked a Northwest Airlines plane in 1971 and escaped capture by parachuting out of the plane over Oregon.More information

Pursuit Evasion

Pursuit Evasion — any of a number of mathematical problems designed to track something within an environment More information

Ultimatum Game

Ultimatum Game — a experiment in economics to in which two players divide up a sum of moneyMore information


Braille — an alphabetic system using raised dots allowing a blind individual to read by touch.More information

Man in the Middle Attack

Man in the Middle Attack — an internet attack method where the hacker intercepts "live" data moving fro one computer to another. More information


Leet — (leetspeak or 1337) a form of communication using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. More information