Season Five

501 — High Exposure

  • Events in When Worlds Collide take place roughly three weeks previous
  • Charlie is cleared of all charges stemming from sending the email to Pakistan due to a motion made by the federal prosecutor’s office
  • Charlie will have to reapply for his clearance which will involve a new clearance investigation
  • Nikki Bentancourt spent four years with LAPD before joining the FBI
  • Nikki has a law degree
  • lat 34.5733 long -118.1216 appears to be a field in Palmdale CA

502 — The Decoy Effect

  • Charlie begins the process of getting his clearance back by meeting Agent Carl McGowan
  • Don’s first assignment after graduating form Quantico was in Detroit Michigan
  • Events in the season two episode Judgment Call occur during Colby’s second week on Don’s team
  • Larry and Amita are still part of the Higgs-Boson investigation team
  • Larry got rid of his cell phone with the Star Trek ring tone, however Don “shoved another one” at him
  • Don’s team has an 85% clearance rate on their cases.
  • Amita has moved in with Charlie

503 — Blowback

  • Charlie is working with the LAPD
  • Robin has an offer from a law firm in New York
  • Nikki is having problems adjusting to the FBI after working for the LAPD
  • Charlie has discovered he misses consulting on Don’s cases and he is a “crime junky”
  • Nikki has been on Don’s team four weeks, David has been with Don four years
  • Colby broke his leg at age ten
  • Colby’s inspiration to join the FBI was watching Gary Cooper in High Noon
  • Don is the supervisor for the FBI’s Violent Crimes squad

504 — Jack of All Trades

  • Nikki is at an anti-terror training, so Liz Warner is filing in.
  • Carl McGowan recommends disciplinary action against Don and that Charlie should not regain his clearance.  A recommendation that is ignored by the ADIC
  • Alan is a Philadelphia 76’er’s fan
  • Alan is asked to consult on a new mechanical engineering complex at CalSci

505 — Scan Man

  • Liz could be transferred to either Oklahoma City or Denver
  • Amita’s parents will be in town for New Year’s
  • Don and Charlie have an Aunt Doris (who sends them pears)
  • Don has stopped going to therapy
  • Liz’s brother thinks she should have been a marine biologist
  • Nikki’s younger brother was angry when she became a police officer
  • David has an autistic uncle (his mother’s younger brother)

506 — Magic Show

  • Charlie does not like magic, he doesn’t see why people want to let themselves be fooled.
  • Amita loves magic, the mystery, trying to figure out what might be happening.
  • Don hasn’t been in a temple since Margaret’s funeral.

507 — Charlie Don’t Surf

  • Colby is a surfer; he learned when he was stationed at Schofield Barracks on O’ahu, Hawai’i
  • Charlie was a good chess player at age four
  • Don needed a better pitcher to toss batting practice when he was eleven

508 — Thirty Six Hours

  • Continuity note: This episode was originally #504, as such Charlie is wearing an LAPD badge instead of an FBI one due to his clearance being revoked.
  • Don isn’t sure he still able to make a difference with the FBI.

509 — Conspiracy Theory

  • Amita was once arrested at a Pink Floyd concert because her boyfriend was caught with a joint.
  • Colby and David disagree on the Kennedy assassination.  Colby agrees with the lone gunman being Oswald, while David thinks there was a larger conspiracy.

510 — Frienemies

  • Charlie is the last to know Don is going to Temple
  • Charlie and Marshall Penfield took classes from Larry while at Princeton
  • Larry’s biggest rival is Al McNabb, a member of Larry’s classic car club
  • Don admits Charlie can intimidate him
  • Marshall has a reaction to adrenaline (it makes him itch)

511 — Arrow of Time

  • Charlie, Amita and Larry decide to start a monthly “think tank” group to toss around interesting ideas.  Amita and Larry suggest Charlie invite Alan to join the group.
  • Both Charlie and Alan remember the moment when Alan had nothing else he could teach a seven year old Charlie about mathematics

512 — Jacked

  • Liz has been offered a supervisor position with the Denver office overseeing their organized crime division
  • Larry and Amita’s Higgs research is on hold do to complications with CERN
  • Amita likes Bugs Bunny cartoons
  • The think tank plans to consult with JPL on the next planetary rover

513 — Trouble in Chinatown

  • Alan took Don and Charlie to the Silk Dragon Restaurant when they were kids
  • Alan is at his fiftieth high school reunion
  • Nikki is taking a weekend computer graphics course

Continuity Notes:

  • Episode takes place during the celebrations for the Chinese year of the ox
  • Samuel Kraft is now called Simon Kraft.  No onscreen reason is given for the change.

514 — Sneakerhead

  • David apparently has a lot of comic books
  • Liz has been promoted to Supervisor of Organized Crime for the Denver FBI office.  She turns down the offer to stay in LA
  • Amita is in Kansas City for a combinatorics symposium
  • Liz is a middle child and the only girl.  Her older brother works for the State Department, her younger brother is in prison and her father “died years ago”
  • Alan is a lab assistant for Charlie and Larry

515 — Guilt Trip

  • Alan joins Facebook
  • David applies for the Primary Relief Supervisor position
  • Alan would bribe Don and Charlie with ice cream to get them to talk when they were kids
  • Colby holds the high score for the office on the combat pistol range
  • Charlie wants to find a way to prevent crimes using probability theory

516 — Cover Me

  • Liz has known Cam since they were in narcotics training together.
  • The CalSci basketball team hasn’t had a win since 1986, right now it has 283 consecutive losses.
  • Charlie and Amita were both valedictorian of their high school class.
  • Charlie thinks he was a good swimmer
  • David’s promotion to Relief Supervisor has been approved

517 — First Law

  • Charlie is offered a position with DARPA, which he turns down
  • Larry worked for DARPA and Jane Karellen when he was younger
  • Larry and Jane were involved romantically
  • Amita was born June 10, 1975 at 6:31AM at Cedar Sinai Hospital
  • CalSci’s mascot is the Otters
  • Alan is the defacto basketball coach

518 — 12:01AM

  • Larry coached an intramural basketball team for CalSci in the past
  • Colby is on a fishing trip
  • Charlie, Larry and Alan are coaching the CalSci basketball team
  • Don killed his first suspect when he worked for Fugitive Recovery

519 Animal Rites

  • Amita played sports during intramurals in high school
  • Larry and Lorna are possibly dating
  • Larry is thinking of becoming vegetarian while he studies his position on animals and testing (also Lorna is vegetarian)
  • Nikki is sent to hostage negotiation training.

520 The Fifth Man

  • Charlie moves into a new office, which used to belong to the head of the Mathematics Department
  • Larry is at an astrophysics conference at Berkley
  • Nikki likes Tom Petty, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen music
  • Don was born at St. Loren’s Hospital in Los Angeles
  • Alan sang the entire Beatles album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Cub Band to newborn Don as lullabies.

521 — Disturbed

  • Don is recovering at Charlie’s house from being stabbed
  • David and Charlie started working at the LA office at the same time five years ago
  • Larry holds the Walter T Merrick Chair in Theoretical Physics at CalSci
  • Larry is a fan of the Green Lantern
  • Liz is a fan of Michael Rooker films.

522 — Greatest Hits

  • Charlie is unsure about his future
  • Amita finds a series of letters in the desk of Charlie’s new office, letter written by mathematical luminaries who had the same office before him.
  • Colby’s father was a machinist in a tractor parts factory.  When he made a mistake he was fired.
  • Colby wonders if his father’s death was really a suicide
  • Charlie was eight when his future in math was determined
  • Amita is kidnapped at the close of the episode

523 — Angels and Devils

  • Charlie proposes to Amita
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