Season One

101 — Pilot

  • Don ran an FBI office in the past
  • Don enjoys baseball
  • Don drives a dark blue Chevy Suburban
  • Don and Terry have known each other for ~10 years
  • Don lives in an apartment
  • Charlie is “almost thirty”
  • Charlie does not have a driver’s license
  • Charlie’s middle name is Edward
  • Charlie has helped Don with math related crimes in the past
  • Alan refers to Don as “Donny”
  • Alan has a bird
  • Alan is a widower
  • David was assigned to Don’s team by the Assistant Director, this is his first case on Don’s team
  • Terry is wearing a gold band on her left ring finger
  • Larry does not do his own math
  • Larry is a physicist
  • Larry drives a yellow classic car (make/model unknown)
  • Larry wants to win a Nobel Prize for his eleven dimension super-gravity theory

102 — Uncertainty Principle

  • Don and Charlie graduated high school on the same day
  • At the beginning of the episode, Don is driving a silver Mitsubishi 4 door sedan, license number: 4Q49902
  • Don played baseball in college
  • Don received “like a ‘C’ in Physics”
  • Don has been self-reliant from a young age
  • Charlie could not cope with his mother dying
  • Charlie has a talent for remembering numbers
  • Charlie was three years old when he multiplied four digit numbers in his head
  • By the age of four, Charlie needed special teachers and classes
  • Alan’s wife died of cancer (type unknown)
  • Alan did not understand Charlie’s obsession with math the way his wife did

103 — Vector

  • Charlie has a national security clearance “at the highest level”
  • Charlie has done consulting for the NSA
  • Alan belongs to a book club
  • Alan volunteers at a shelter in downtown LA
  • Alan has been retired for two years
  • Alan has been a widow for almost a year
  • Alan has a friend named Art Stanley(?)
  • Terry is an FBI profiler

104 — Structural Corruption

  • Don’s favorite date ever was pepperoni pizza in a laundromat (first date with Terry)
  • Don and Terry had a relationship ~10 years ago, at the FBI Academy
  • Charlie has been observed to be disorganized and he talks too fast
  • Charlie has taken classes from Larry
  • Charlie is a Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Alan has his first date “in over 35 years”
  • Alan was a city planner
  • Alan’s wife made him promise to meet new people after she died
  • Terry is a Forensic Psychologist
  • This case is the first suicide by jumping David has seen
  • Larry has been teaching for 20 years
  • Larry’s students feel he is boring and intellectually inaccessible

105 — Prime Suspect

  • Charlie did a lecture series on P vs NP “a couple years ago”
  • Charlie buys the family home and pays cash
  • Charlie has lived in the family home “pretty much my whole life”
  • Charlie is a tenured professor
  • Terry can take cases too personally at times
  • Larry lives in a personally restored 1877 Victorian home (with at least 800 sq ft of free space)

106 — Sabotage

  • Information on Don’s driver’s license:*
    • Address — 8111 Aguacate Los Angeles, CA 91021
    • Birthdate — 07-15-67
  • Charlie has written a paper on H Infinity Control of Non-Linear Systems
  • Larry goes on regular hikes with Laurel Wilson (Professior of Philosophy of Science)
  • Larry has had intimate relations with the above named professor
  • David has prior bomb disfusing experience
  • David’s first posting was in Tel Aviv, Israel

107 Counterfeit Reality

  • Don’s license plate is California 6Q49932
  • Don ran the Albuquerque FBI office
  • Don moved back to California three years ago
  • Don was engaged to Kim Hall and they lived together in New Mexico
  • Don likes rib-eye steak
  • Charlie is involved with a video enhancement project at CalSci
  • Alan had a 1952-3 Ford pick-up when guys were kids
  • David lives in Venice
  • Address on envelope with ring:**
    • 580 Elcate(?) St. Los Angeles, CA 90027

108 — Identity Crisis

  • Don went to college on a baseball scholarship
  • Don played minor league (Class A) baseball for the Stockton Rangers;* he played second base and bats right handed
  • While playing baseball, Don decided he would never be more than mediocre and signed up for the FBI entrance exam
  • Don couldn’t lay off of low, outside pitches
  • Charlie has only played poker once before, with his father, for bottle caps (and the pink slip to the car)
  • Charlie is working in classroom 17

109 — Sniper Zero

  • Don plays golf
  • Don has an agent watching Charlie
  • Don knows Charlie owns the family home
  • Charlie has never fired a gun before
  • Charlie is a horrible speller
  • Alan has a friend named Stan Carter who works for the LA Parks Department
  • Alan may be doing some consulting work for Stan Carter
  • David grew up somewhere it snowed heavily
  • Terry is divorced
  • Terry wears glasses
  • Larry wants to go into space
  • Larry is feeling the need for a nuclear family
  • The family house number might be 616

110 — Dirty Bomb

  • Don drinks tea
  • Don’s Chevy is equipped with lights and sirens

111 — Sacrifice

  • Charlie believes it’s his duty to develop mathematical tools, and someone else’s to use them wisely
  • Charlie went to Princeton at age 13
  • Alan and his wife had marital problems when Charlie was 13 (money and irrational jealousy)
  • David has a sister named Linda who has been divorced, but went back to her ex-husband. David thinks she could have done better.

112 — Noisy Edge

  • Alan has an 8 handicap in golf
  • Charlie’s hobbies include basketball, snow-boarding, video games and he’s getting over his fear of rock climbing
  • Amita has been working on her doctorial thesis in Combinatronics for a computer science PhD for over two years
  • Amita wants to get an additional PhD in Astrophysics

113 — Man Hunt

  • Don used to work in Fugitive Recovery with Agent Billy Cooper. According to Cooper, Don was “very good at it.”
  • David states he has been with Don for “about a year”
  • Don did not have “good days” when he worked in Fugitive Recovery and doesn’t really miss it.
  • Alan doesn not want Don working recovery cases anymore.