Season Six

601 — Hangman

  • Charlie writes his letter to the future professor to have his office
  • Charlie and Amita announce they are engaged.
  • Larry is waiting for his invitation to do research at CERN in Geneva.

602 — Friendly Fire

  • Larry has worked on his eleven dimension super gravity theory and other physics problems in the steam tunnels under CalSci
  • Liz is in San Fransisco to testify in a drug case
  • Larry dropped his application to work at CERN, and all of his classes for the semester, he leaves a message that he is leaving his physics work to Charlie
  • Peter Fox was Don’s mentor when Don was twenty-five
  • Fox and Don once nabbed two men on the Most Wanted List in the same day, a feat that has not been repeated.

603 — 7 Men Out

  • Amita is at a conference; while there she sends Charlie several examples of wedding invitations.
  • Larry enjoys Mel Torme and the Three Tenors
  • Alan’s retirement saving has devalued to the point he’s decided to go back to work
  • Colby uses Twitter
  • Alan asks Charlie for lessons in computer design

604 — Where Credit’s Due

  • Larry buys plane tickets for five destinations: Greenland, Australia, Greece, Alaska and Italy.  All of the flights leave from Las Vegas (he later finds a property for sale on the road to Las Vegas and may not use any of the tickets)
  • Colby uses Netflix
  • Liz might have a hamster
  • Charlie and Amita’s wedding is a year away
  • Amita’s grandparents lived with her parents and an uncle stayed with the family after she was born.
  • Don and Robin are still together
  • Alan has a new job as a technical consultant for a software firm to help make their CAD software more user friendly.

605 — HYDRA

  • Charlie and Amita discuss having kids
  • David is still at the community center
  • David and Don are both involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Liz was pregnant while in college, but had a miscarriage.

606 — Dreamland

  • David is starting to think about his future with the FBI
  • Don never really planned his career track.
  • Alan chose to be an architect, however he took the city planner job due to necessity
  • Margaret’s birth date is Sept 20
  • Alan gives Amita a locket belonging to Margaret (it originally belonged to her great, great grandmother)

607 — Shadow Markets

  • ‘Nikki’ is short for Nicola
  • Don buys a motorcycle
  • Robin is in Portland, Oregon for a trial
  • Amita likes wine tasting

608 — Ultimatum

  • Ian Edgerton’s call sign is Whiskey 33
  • Colby loved watching Dragnet as a kid, it’s one of the reasons he wanted to become a cop.

609 — Con Job

  • Amita suggests Costa Rica as a honeymoon destination.  Charlie is against the idea.

610 — Old Soldiers

  • Roger Bloom worked the D.B. Cooper case in 1971
  • Colby does not have a library card
  • Amita drives a red Volkswagen Bug license number 6BFX346
  • Kenny Caldwell was a friend of Don’s growing up
  • Charlie had a rock tumbler as a child and made all of Alan’s Father’s Day gifts with it

611 — Scratch

  • Alan wrote a life list when he was just out of college:
    • grow a ponytail
    • see Easter Island
    • take a cooking class at Condon Bleu in Paris
    • date Barbara Eden
    • learn to play the banjo
  • Robin is back from the case in Portland, Oregon
  • Margaret would buy scratch-off tickets and hide them in gifts
  • If she won the lottery, Robin would live in a villa in Italy
  • Robin rode a motorcycle when she was in college

612 — Arm in Arms

  • Don suggest Robin move in with him so they don’t have to keep splitting time between apartments
  • Amita does not want to be a June bride
  • Don proposes marriage to Robin.  She turns him down … for now
  • Liz considers herself a rebound for Don after his first break up with Robin
  • Alan picks October 9 as the wedding date for Charlie and Amita.
  • October 9 is Alan and Margaret’s wedding date.

613 — Devil Girl

  • Don’s motorcycle is a Moto Guzzi Griso 1100
  • Professor Lazlo is part of a motorcycle riding club and tries to get Don to join
  • Amita does no have any sisters

614 — And the Winner Is …

  • Larry has been squatting in Charlie’s garage
  • Larry has been living in the Mojave Desert (he never got to any of his destinations)
  • Amita reads Us Weekly
  • Larry has a coherent theory for the future of the cosmos, he is back to work out the kinks and test his conclusions.

615 — Growin’ Up

  • Charlie is offered a visiting professorship at Cambridge University for the next term.  He is able to bring Amita, also for a professorship.
  • Larry has been nicknamed “The Rocket Man” by the blog-sphere
  • Alan and Margaret almost named Charlie Issac
  • During a polygraph test for the FBI Charlie admits:
    • Stealing a 1981 TOPS baseball card of Reggie Jackson from Mark Carol
    • killing Don’s class pet, a gerbil, over a Christmas holiday when Charlie was six and Don was ten
  • Colby collects Army dolls
  • Larry offers to help Don and the FBI while Charlie and Amita are in England
  • Charlie and Amita move up their wedding date to the following day

616 — Cause and Effect

  • Charlie and Amita are married at CalSci
  • Larry obtains an ordainment from the Universal Life Church specifically so he can officiate at the wedding
  • Don’s service weapon is a Glock 19.  It is his second service weapon and he’s had it for six years.
  • Larry wants Charlie’s office
  • David is offered a position in Washington DC leading an anti-corruption team
  • Larry is chained to yet another cell phone by Don
  • The Craftsman home was built in 1908
  • Amita and Charlie plan to turn the garage into a guest house for Alan
  • Don has been an FBI agent for fifteen years
  • Don is offered the position of Special Agent in Charge for the LA office
  • Don proposes to Robin and she accepts