Season Three

301 — Spree

  • Alan is planning to move out of the house and into a condo; he has told both Don and Charlie.
  • Alan says the reason he is doing this is because he hasn’t lived alone for forty years.
  • Don likes tennis
  • Don has always rented, never owned a house or apartment.
  • Larry is homeless by choice
  • Amita has decided to accept the CalSci professorship.
  • Amita and Charlie decide to make a go of a relationship.

302 — Two Daughters

  • Larry has an unlisted phone number and considers cell phone “eletronic leashes” and refuses to own one.
  • Colby is the last one to know Larry and Megan are dating
  • Megan has a black belt in Krav maga and is one of the best shots in the office according to David
  • Megan left home at sixteen and did not go back
  • Don has lived in his current two-bedroom apartment for about two years
  • Charlie believes he gives up on things he doesn’t learn easily too quickly
  • Alan has decided not to move out, instead he wants to build a private staircase to his room.

303 — Provenance

  • Larry’s father was a painter and wanted Larry to be one as well
  • Larry did apply to art school and was a good artist in a technical sense, making copies of several famous paintings
  • Larry is still on his white food only diet
  • Charlie and Alan are both worried that Charlie will end up alone like Larry
  • Don admits the family was never very religious, though Margaret did want a Christmas tree
  • Alan’s mother had a cousin named Anna who escaped Germany before WWII; she tried unsuccessfully to find members of her family after the war
  • Don wants to try to find Anna’s family.

304 — The Mole

  • Colby was trapped and injured when his Humvee was attacked during his tour in Afghanistan
  • Larry has an article published in Physics Weekly titled “Zero Point Energy and Quantum Cosmology”
  • Larry taught at Princeton when Charlie was a student there.
  • Charlie graduated Princeton at age 16
  • Larry graduated college at age 19

305 — Traffic

  • Megan listens to ZZ Top
  • Don is letting cases get to him
  • Amita is having trouble adjusting to being a professor after being a student
  • Megan says her father has anger management issues
  • Don is still seeing Robin
  • Larry has had his super gravity theory challenged

306 — Longshot

  • Don was a tactical training instructor at Quantico after he stopped working Fugitive Recovery.  Liz Warner was one of his students.
  • Larry and Megan work out a dating system to give Larry more structure in their relationship.
  • Alan spent a lot of time at race tracks before he met Margaret.  He got hooked on racing as a kid.
  • Don never talked much about himself or his family when he was teaching at Quantico.
  • Megan drives and Acura with a nav system

307 — Blackout

  • Larry tried to live for a year without power while in grad school to impress a girl, Sandra Darwinkle
  • Don and Liz Warner have one date
  • Don and Robin broke up “about a week ago”
  • New license plate on the Suburban: 4PCI086

308 — Hardball

  • Don’s T-ball team was the St Francis Royals
  • Don was a utility player for the Stockton Rangers. In his last year with the team he batted .228 with 36 RBI’s
  • Alan backpacked around Europe before meeting Margaret
  • Colby was on his college wrestling team
  • Charlie kept all of Don’s baseball stats
  • Charlie drives a Toyota Prius license number: 5MSY015
  • Don and Charlie have an uncle Tommy

309 — Waste Not

  • Charlie has a new boss Mildred “Millie” Finch
  • Millie is the new division chair for Physics, Mathemathics and Astronomy
  • Amita is tenure track thanks to Millie
  • Amita wants to assist Millie with research and thinks having Millie as a mentor is a smart decision
  • Dr Finch wants Amita to serve on the curriculum committee
  • Dr Finch wants Charlie to chair the PhD admissions committee
  • Larry is living in the steam tunnels under CalSci.  He doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone due to a need to use a bathtub for thinking.
  • Dr Finch is a fan of James Bond movies.

310 — Brutus

  • Megan speaks and reads French.  She learned the language while dating a hockey player.
  • Larry was made a backup payload specialist to Johannas Igby for a ISS mission to study cosmic background microwaves in September 2006.  When Igby can’t make the mission due to conflicts, Larry is moved up to prime specialist and will be on the shuttle flight scheduled for December 7, 2006.  The mission will last six months.
  • Alan is in Oakland consulting on a waterfront renovation project
  • Charlie and Larry have known each other for fifteen years
  • Colby plays chess
  • Larry is a recipient of the American Astronomical Society’s Newton Lacey Pierce Award

311 — Killer Chat

  • Larry leaves for a six month stay on the International Space Station
  • Larry now has a cell phone (with a Star Trek ring tone) since NASA is calling him so often.
  • Charlie has known Larry for approximately seventeen years.

312 — Nine Wives

  • First use of Amita explanation
  • Alan and Millie have dinner together
  • Charlie and Amita take a road trip to a math conference at Stanford.

313 — Finders Keepers

  • Dr Finch does not know how to play chess, though she learns quickly
  • Dr Finch took a three month sabatical from MIT to sail the South Pacific with a friend
  • Liz Warner has been transferred to the LA office, seems to be investigating drug crimes.
  • Don and Liz decide to try making a relationship work, but they want to keep things low key to avoid gossip.

314 — Take Out

  • Don is ordered to see a psychiatrist due to the Crystal Hoyle shooting (301 Spree and 302 Two Daughters)

315 — End of Watch

  • Don reportedly burned dead bugs with a magnifying glass as a child
  • Alan receives a notice he’s being sued for a driving range project he consulted for
  • Megan likes popcorn
  • Amita is still having problems adjusting to being faculty and as a result she almost resigns her position on the Curriculum Committee

316 — Contenders

  • David’s two best friends growing up in New York were Ben Ellis and Earl Day
  • Larry is the five time Texas Hold ‘Em champion at CalSci
  • Don has an unlit cigar while playing Texas Hold ‘Em with Charlie
  • David doesn’t drink coffee
  • Don still thinks about putting the wrong man in prison in ten years ago.
  • Claudia Gomez grew up in South El Paso Texas
  • Don’s tell is checking his watch

317 — One Hour

  • Don has had his team for five years
  • Don’s thoughts on his team members:
    • Megan: in charge when Don isn’t around, smart, fast on her feet, tough
    • David: Been with Don three years, there’s nothing Don can’t ask David to do.  Don worries David may one day realize he’s seen too much and leave the FBI.
    • Colby: Don doesn’t know what he saw overseas, and can’t imagine what he went through
    • Charlie: Don admits he grew up in Charlie’s shadow and hated it.  He also says many of their arguments today are still over how they were as kids. Don respects what he does, however.
  • How Dr Bradford interprets Don’s answers:
    • Megan: too compassionate
    • David: too close to the book
    • Colby: has seen too much
  • Don has control issues and is afraid he’s really not necessary in the grand scheme of life.

318 — Democracy

  • Charlie has known Rachel Lawton since grad school
  • Charlie has become inured to death working for Don
  • Colby plays darts
  • Megan is ordered to take an assignment for the Department of Justice
  • First use of Oswald explanation

319 — Pandora’s Box

  • Alan has owned the Craftsman house for thirty years
  • Amita is especially careful locking doors after a watch was stolen from her dorm room when she was an undergrad.
  • Charlie has worked “over fifty” criminal cases
  • Edgerton is the fourth best shot in the US

320 — Burn Rate

  • Millie buys designer purses
  • Millie listens to Vivaldi
  • Alan and Millie have a bet to not buy any consumer items for 30 days; they soon give up on the bet
  • Don played hockey as a kid
  • The address on a letter bomb for Judge Prodeman is the same address used for the Craftsman house

321 — The Art of Reckoning

  • Larry returns from the ISS after spending four months and twelve days in space
  • Larry keeps his diary in the form of an Aztec [sic] quipu; according to this diary:
    • Larry had his first telescope at age three
    • He was president of the rocket club in the 5th grade
    • was a docent at the planetarium in junior high school
  • Larry plans to spend at least some time at a monestary in Altadena “exploring the universe of his mind”
  • Larry may be giving up his white food only diet.

322 — Under Pressure

  • Colby doesn’t know Don and Liz are dating until David tells him
  • Don doesn’t like Alan helping with FBI cases, he feels it’s too dangerous

323 — Money for Nothing

  • Liz has been an FBI agent for four years and is 1/16th Cherokee
  • Don and Liz tell the rest of the FBI team they are dating
  • Charlie attends one of Don’s therapy sessions
    • Don relates a story of his thirteenth birthday where he was responsible for Charlie who got lost.  Charlie states he was walking home.
    • Don feels he takes advantage of Charlie
    • Charlie loves working with Don

324 The Janus List

  • David drives a red Jeep, license number 5WHGO61
  • Don’s junior year batting average was .293 (don’t know if this was high school or college)
  • Megan returns from the DOJ assignment, but is unsure if she can continue to be an FBI agent
  • Larry is still at the monestary
  • First use of Don Vision