Season Two

201 — Judegement Call

  • Don doesn’t want to put someone at risk simply from knowing him.
  • Charlie gets a new learner’s permit after losing his first one to speeding
  • Charlie knows the art of origami
  • Terry Lake has transferred to Washington DC to give her marriage a second chance
  • Rhonda Pickford had a crush on Larry in the fifth grade
  • Larry played a lot of Space Invaders as a child
  • Larry is only eating white food in an experiment in super symmetry
  • Amita’s computer user name for the CalSci network is mathgoddess
  • Colby Granger is a rookie with the FBI

202 — Bettor Or Worse

  • Larry prefers classic cars
  • Charlie and Amita have their first date
  • Colby has moved to LA recently and his current residence does not have a pool
  • Alan places occasional bets on football games
  • Charlie and Larry are both very good at air hockey

203 — Obsession

  • Don and Charlie both enjoy hockey, though for different reasons
  • Amita likes Schyler Wyatt’s music
  • Larry has a new vintage car: a 1931 Model A
  • Charlie can’t drive a standard transmission and doesn’t want to
  • Megan likes Larry’s new car
  • Charlie has a secret admirer (who likes him for his mind and … hair)
  • Charlie wrote his first mathematics paper at age 14 for the American Journal of Mathematics
  • Megan and Don don’t read tabloids
  • Colby is a golfer
  • Charlie helped write the program for FISH
  • Charlie and Larry are members of the North American Sundial Society

204 — Calculated Risk

  • Larry lost $175,000 investing in Syntel.
  • Larry is also invested in Google
  • Don has never really shown any emotion regarding his mother’s death

205 — Assassin

  • Larry is competing in the Physics Department paper airplane contest
  • Charlie’s work with the NSA included covert communications
  • Alan doesn’t believe the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy assassination
  • Mrs. Eppes has an Aunt Irene that doesn’t like Alan (she thinks her niece could have made a better match)
  • Megan is trained in behavioral science
  • Amita and Larry both like the White Stripes
  • Colby was stationed in Afghanistan while in the Army’s Special Forces.
  • Colby has a college degree and three years of interrogation technique training
  • Charlie tries not to think about Don’s work at the FBI
  • Amita’s PhD advisor is Dr. Kepler

206 — Soft Target

  • Don and Charlie are five years apart in age
  • Don and Charlie went to the same high school and were in the same class
  • Charlie did not have a good experience in high school
  • Don drove a VW in high school
  • Megan loves cafe lattes
  • According the Charlie’s yearbook*:
    • favorite color – gray
    • favorite season – fall
    • favorite person – Galileo
    • favorite artist – Tolechuck
    • favorite writer – Washington Irving

207 — Convergence

  • Don and Charlie play Frisbee golf
  • Charlie’s greatest math work took five years and is called the Eppes Convergence
  • Charlie was the youngest person to publish a major paper
  • David went to high school in the Bronx
  • Alan is starting a consulting firm with Stan Fisher
  • Alan was forced to retire when Mrs. Eppes got sick
  • Alan does not enjoy being retired
  • Alan likes the design and planning aspects of architecture
  • Charlie likes lemon meringue pie
  • Alan has a cell phone, Larry does not
  • Amita is not sure she wants a social relationship at this time
  • Amita is one of the best coders on campus
  • Charlie’s new math theory is called “Cognitive Emergence Theory”
  • Mrs Eppes enjoyed working jigsaw puzzles

208 — In Plain Sight

  • Megan has never lost anyone under her command before
  • The episode Uncertainty Principle happened “about 10 months ago”
  • Charlie had a childhood friend named Jessica Cartman
  • Colby is driving a black Ford California license: 2GEE645

209 — Toxin

  • Charlie drinks beer
  • Colby is from Winchester, Idaho
  • Edgerton was a sniper legend in Afghanistan
  • Edgerton is an artist
  • Larry loves to read
  • Edgerton is the Bureau’s best tracker
  • Larry and Megan have lunch together

210 — Bones of Contention

  • Charlie has consulted on a paleotology project
  • Larry has sold his house
  • Larry is still eating only white food
  • Amita has taught a class in the structure and dynamic of galaxies
  • Alan still has his wife’s things in boxes in the garage
  • Alan drives a silver Acura TL license number 5MUT929

211 — Scorched

  • Charlie had a hard time fitting in his freshman year at Princeton
  • Charlie’s work on Cognitive Emergence Theory is taking up all the space in the garage.

212 — The OG

  • Alan has three dates with Donna, the caterer from the wedding seen in Soft Target
  • David has done some work for the Long Beach FBI office
  • David starts volunteering at the 23rd Street Community Center

213 — Double Down

  • Larry had a gambling problem while he was in grad school near Atlantic City in 1984
  • Larry gambled to prove the power of mathematics
  • Charlie has guest lectured at Huntington Tech
  • Larry’s given name is Lawrence

214 — Harvest

  • Charlie won the Milton Prize while at Princeton
  • Amita is awarded the 85th Milton Prize for her dissertation work in 2006
  • Colby worked CID in Afghanistan
  • Amita’s family is from the city of Chennai in southern India
  •  Amita was born and raised in California
  •  Amita’s parents and grandmother emigrated from India to the United States
  •  Larry has an Aunt Louise
  • Amita is planning a trip to India with her grandmother
  • Amita is using the award money from the Milton Prize to sponsor Santi and her sister through school
  • Information on Charlie’s driver’s license*
    •  DOB: 09/05/75
    • 874 Hunter Street
      Los Angeles California 90021

215 — The Running Man

  • Margaret Eppes (nee Mann) was a lawyer and gifted musician and composer.
  • Margaret met Alan while she was working as an intern for a tenant’s rights group and he was working for a housing developer
  • Margaret had an offer to go to Vienna for her music
  • Alan went to grad school
  • Don and Charlie both took piano lessons from a Mrs. Petri when they were children
  • David grew up avoiding gangs to finish high school
  • Alan is a fisherman
  • Rob Morrow plays the piano in the last scenes*

216 — Protest

  • Charlie has done some remodeling to the house, namely, redoing the entry way to the original design with arches and shelves
  • Alan was involved with Californians for Peace in the 1970’s
  • Alan has an arrest record for participating in two sit-ins (one of the arrests was in front of Don when he was three) and also has an FBI file as a result.
  • Don didn’t really remember anything about Alan’s arrests until it came out during Don’s entrance to the FBI.  He knows about the file on Alan but hasn’t read much of it.
  • Margaret was very organized
  • Trivia: the fictional book Essays on Revolution was ‘authored’ by Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci

217 — Mind Games

  • Megan is the youngest of four girls
  • Larry is still eating only white food
  • Charlie does not accept the idea of psychic ability
  • Colby is fluent in Spanish
  • Alan is working on a mall project
  • Don has had to defend Charlie’s math theories to the FBI brass

218 — All’s Fair

  • Charlie lived with Susan Berry for nearly two years when he was twenty-one
  • Alan and Don both know Susan
  • Megan is a fan of Radiohead
  • Charlie has a standing invitation to lecture at Cambridge
  • Alan has another date planned, possibly with Donna

219 — Dark Matter

  • Larry plays retro video games
  • Larry enjoys dancing
  • Larry and Megan have their first date at an Ethiopian restaurant
  • Larry has been to Ethiopia for a conference
  • Colby went to a high school with only 200 kids
  • Megan was a mess in high school
  • Megan’s parents belonged to a country club and are listed on the Social Register
  • Megan can play every ball game known to man
  • Alan has another date with Donna the caterer

220 — Guns & Roses

  • Don picks up Robin Brooks (AUSA) at a firing range
  • Don knew Nikki Davis in New Mexico; they dated, he left her.

221 — Rampage

  • Megan teaches krav maga at the YMCA
  • Colby *might* be a surfer
  • Don had to walk Charlie home from third grade classes to protect him from a bully named Sam Titchell
  • Alan admits Charlie was protected through life

222 — Backscatter

  • According to Charlie, Larry is geographically challenged, not knowing where his string theory conference is taking place.
  • Alan is an ex-smoker
  • Nicolas Falacci has a cameo in this episode as one of the Russians in Charlie’s class

223 — Undercurrents

  • Larry tends to get sea-sick
  • Charlie tries to get more serious with Amita suggests a “math date” to a lecture and a “non-math date” to a movie.
  • David might have a crush on Claudia Gomez from the LA cororner’s office
  • Amita has an offer of a three year assistant professorship in mathematics from Harvard.
  • Charlie suggests Amita could stay at Cal-Sci as one of the math professors is taking a sabbatical and the school will need a replacement.
  • Larry knows about the I Ching
  • Charlie knew a girl named Michelle Robinson in the 7th grade
  • Charlie has taught Don how to count cards

224 — Hot Shot

  • This is the first episode in which Margaret appears (in Charlie and Alan’s dreams)
  • Charlie doesn’t like pancakes; Don does
  • This is the first time Charlie has dreamt about his mother since she died
  • Larry’s mother died years ago
  • Larry states he rarely dreams (but does have a recurring dream about his Aunt Louise eating his flesh)
  • Amita has not made a decision about the job at Harvard
  • Alan claims in a dream to Margaret that his dating of Donna the carterer is “not serious”
  • Don’s radio call sign number is 3695
  • According to Margaret (in one of Charlie’s dreams) Charlie is most like Alan while Don is more like Margaret.
  • Charlie feels guilt/regret for the amount of time his mother spent with him, especially the time at Princeton.