405 Robin Hood

Looks like we’re dealing with a real life Robin Hood here …

Summary:  Don’s team tracks a bank robber who donates his stolen wealth to charities.

Original air date: October 26, 2007 (US)

Written by: Robert Port

Directed by: J Miller Tobin
Opening numbers:

2000: Safe deposit boxes
740: Gold Krugerrands
2: Kilos of heroin
9: Charities

Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Millie is still around campus, though she has not been seen yet this season
  • Amita’s parents do not live in the LA area, and are far enough away to need to fly to reach the city.
  • Amita is hesitant to introduce Charlie to her parents, specifically her father, as Charlie is not Indian.
  • Colby watches Mythbusters
  • Alan’s plans for his sons were for Don to play professional baseball and Charlie to help him start a planning firm
  • Charlie is thinking long-term in his relationship with Amita
  • Events in The Art of Reckoning (season three) were three months ago
  • Larry is thinking of leaving the monastery
  • Don runs a violent crimes team for the FBI
  • Lt. Walker has had three ex-wives one of them was a sergeant

Episode Quotes:

  • Megan: [to David and Colby] Hey ladies, teh sorority meeting is right here in interrogation.
  • Megan: [about David and Colby] Remember when The Who got back together and decided to go out on tour?  Took ’em a little while to get their groove back.
    Don; Well, I better start hearin’ some music soon.
  • Charlie: You’re right.
    Larry: About what?
  • Don: I told you they got me seeing a therapist?
    Walker: Who isn’t these days?
  • Charlie: The two great adult influences in my life are heading off to blow up pumpkins.
  • Walker: Scotch always tastes better if someone else is buying.

Episode Synopsis:

Several alarms at the Pacific Westword Bank are written off as merely a fault in the alarm system; that is until the guard on duty stops responding to his radio.  Don’s team and Lieutenant Walker of the LAPD reach the bank in time to arrest one man, however, the second manages to escape. Peter Friscia the manager of the privately held bank states there is no way to know who has come or gone from the vault area and does not want to panic his clients. Charlie is able to figure out the first box that was robbed anyway.  When the box own, JW Piennar opens his box the contents, $500,000 dollars in Krugerrands is missing.

David and Colby are again working together however their working relationship seems out of sync.  Don isn’t sure exactly how to deal with the issue.  Charlie and Amita also have some problems revolving around her parents.  Amita is hesitant to introduce Charlie to her parents for fear of what her father will do and/or say once he realizes Charlie is not Indian.  Larry is also contemplating his future and is ready to leave the monastery.

Charlie is able to discover two more boxes that were hit at the vault.  One belonging to an Iraqi antiquities handler and the other a wanted drug dealer DJ Rodriguez.  The FBI is notified that the vase stolen from the antique dealer has been recovered as well as the Krugerrands, the interesting thing is in both cases instructions were left to send the moneys from the gold coins and the reward for the vase to local charities. So far nine local charities have benefited from items stolen from the bank vault.   In a further twist, DJ Rodriguez is arrested and the heroin from his deposit box are also recovered.

Peter Friscia receives an email stating that more secrets would be revealed if he didn’t pay $10 million dollars to Robin Hood.  The FBI and LAPD are getting suspicious of the bank personnel including Friscia and Megan has him followed when he leaves the FBI building.  David and Colby follow him to the marina but Friscia turns over the money before they can reach him.  A search of the sea floor around the marina turns up a battery and a license plate.  Megan runs the plate and comes up with a name, Alex Evans, a known arsonist.

Evans admits to setting an arson fire five years previous that burned down Promises House, a local refuge for runaways and abused children.  All of the charities who received money from the stolen goods are associated with Promises House and it’s mission.  Evans also gives up the name of the man who paid him to set the fire: Peter Friscia.  Friscia was a developer before starting the Westword bank and needed the land the Promises House stood on for a major project.  It is also discovered that JW Pienner is Robin Hood.  His real name is Steven Buckley; his brother, Rafer, was a fireman killed while fighting the fire at Promises House.  Buckley wanted to make sure Friscia didn’t get away with what he did.