616 Cause and Effect

This gun is taking care of a problem the cops couldn’t handle …

Summary: Don’s service weapon is stolen and used in a series of crimes by vigilantes

Original air date: March 12, 2010 (USA)

Written by: Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci

Directed by: Nicolas Falacci

Opening numbers:

850: Grams — weight
153: Millimeters — line of sight
2.5: Kilograms — trigger pull
Glock model 19


Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Charlie and Amita are married at CalSci
  • Larry obtains an ordainment from the Universal Life Church specifically so he can officiate at the wedding
  • Don’s service weapon is a Glock 19.  It is his second service weapon and he’s had it for six years.
  • Larry wants Charlie’s office
  • David is offered a position in Washington DC leading an anti-corruption team
  • Larry is chained to yet another cell phone by Don
  • The Craftsman home was built in 1908
  • Amita and Charlie plan to turn the garage into a guest house for Alan
  • Don has been an FBI agent for fifteen years
  • Don is offered the position of Special Agent in Charge for the LA office
  • Don proposes to Robin and she accepts

Episode Quotes:

  • Amita: Any words of advice?
    Alan: Oh, yes.  If you want to get out of it, now’s the time to run like hell.
  • Larry: At the request of the bride and groom, I will keep my remarks short and non-technical.  As you all know, the four fundamental forces in physics are electromagnetism, strong nuclear interaction, weak nuclear interaction and gravity.
    Colby: So I wonder what the technical version sounds like.
    Larry: I heard that.
  • Larry: I think I just inadvertently Tweeted.
  • Otto: A chance to show what physicists can do.  You mathematicians, you’ve had your shot.
  • Larry: Any good equation monkey needs to be familiar with the applicable tools of mathematical crime fighting.
  • Charlie: Everything changes, everything’s the same.

Episode Synopsis:

Don and David are called away from Charlie’s wedding reception to arrest Theodore Dacosta a known conman and the focus of a two year investigation.  While making the arrest, Don and David are caught in an assault attempt by one of Dacosta’s victims and Don’s gun is knocked free and picked up by a bystander.  Don feels anything that anyone does with his weapon is his responsibility, but tries to turn away Charlie’s offers of help as the newly married Charlie and Amita are leaving in a few days for England.

The situation becomes more serious when two known drug dealers are shot and killed with Don’s gun.  Charlie, Amita and Matt Li are able to track conversations about the gun through social networking sites, but are too late to prevent another death; this time a known drunk driver is shot and killed.  They do catch a break in the form of Linda Samuelson.  She picked up the gun in order to deal with an abusive boyfriend, but couldn’t go through with actually killing him.  She tells David she put the gun in the bushes near a bus stop for someone named Jim. The FBI get to the bus stop, only to find the gun already gone.

Tracking through the web sites again, there are three people with the name Jim who could have the gun now.  Investigating these men further David and Colby find a man who plans to sue for damages and another who only wants his attacker injured the way he was, losing an eye.  The third Jim, Jim Mazzolla, tells David and Don he did post a number of things online about his neighbor, Michael Hiller, who is the neighborhood bully, threatening people and causing destruction if anyone says anything to him or calls the police.  Mazzolla swears he doesn’t have the gun; however Charlie’s analysis of internet conversations proves other wise.

The FBI gets a search warrant for Mazzolla’s home.  Mazzolla again swears he doesn’t have the gun and he plans to sue the FBI for harassment.  Don then realizes they have the wrong Jim, it’s not the father but the son who plans to take the law into his own hands and deal with Hiller once and for all. Don and David find Jim Mazzolla Jr in Hiller’s yard with Don’s gun pointed at Hiller.  Don does his best to talk Jim Jr into dropping the gun, however Hiller continues to taunt not only the FBI but the boy pointing a gun at him. Don finally convinces Jim Jr to drop the weapon and the boy goes to his parents.  Hiller meanwhile is now screaming for the boy’s arrest and that he will sue the FBI when Don arrests him saying he’s pretty sure Hiller is wanted somewhere. It turns out, Don is more right than he knows: Agent Edgerton shows up at the scene and takes Michael Hiller, better known as Michael Ray Simmons, into custody for escaping from a Florida prison.

Charlie and Amita say a final goodbye to Alan, Don, Larry and the FBI team.  They announce they want Larry to work on remodeling the garage into a guest house for Alan so Alan doesn’t need to go looking for a new home.  Don and Robin also have a heart to heart talk and Don proposes marriage to Robin who accepts.