All the math

NUMB3RS has opened the eyes of many people to the ways math and science can be used to solve crimes. This is a list of all the math and science concepts used in the series with links to on-line sources to find more information or articles written by mathematicians and scientists explaining the concepts used in episodes.

Small World Problem

Small World Problem — a series of experiments put forth by Stanley Milgram as a way to test the interconnectedness of social networks in the United States. More information

Point Pattern Matching

Point Pattern Matching — if anyone has a simple to understand definition please let me know!

Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis — the measurement of a walking cycle plotted in three dimensions usually using a computer. More information

Asteroid Hermes

Asteroid Hermes — (69230 Hermes) When observed in 1937, it was the closest approach object to Earth More information


Trajectory — the path of an object as it moves through spaceMore information

Ideal Gas Law

Ideal Gas Law — a thermodynamic equation of a hypothetical gas composed of random, non-interacting particles More information

4d Mapping

4d Mapping — creating a three dimensional movement map as a base and adding in a fourth variant in time

Jeopardy Surface

Jeopardy Surface — a three dimensional probability map defining where a target may live

Robert Evans

Robert Evans — (1937 –  ) an Australian born ameatur astronomer who holds the current record for visual discoveries of super novas More information

Retrograde Analysis

Retrograde Analysis — a method of game theory used in games such as chess that takes a known outcome and reconstructs the events that led to said outcomeMore information