Season 6

(Season six does not have an opening credit sequence or voice-over)

601 Hangman

I’m not sure what he is except our problem for the next few days … Summary: Don’s team is charged with protecting a political activist from a possible sniper Original air date: September 25, 2009 (US) Written by: Ken Sanzel Directed by: Ken Sanzel

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602 Friendly Fire

Dying in the line of duty, doing the thing you love is one thing … Summary: Don’s team investigates what went wrong when two FBI agents are killed during a shoot out at a bank robbery Original air date: October 2, 2009 (US) Story by: Robert Port and Mark Llewellyn Teleplay by: Robert Port Directed

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603 7 Men Out

A marriage of greed and blood lust wedded to technology … Summary: The FBI investigates a gambling ring playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette Original air date: October 9, 2009 (US) Written by: Don McGill Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski

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604 Where Credit’s Due

The body today, the murder, it was copied exactly from this movie … Summary: A series of murders appear to be copy-cat crimes from a film yet to be released. Original air date: October 16, 2009 (US) Written by: Andrew Dettman Directed by: Dennis Smith

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Why do you hire a chef with a flawless genetic code … Summary: An FBI investigation of a kidnapped girl is hampered by an outside security firm also working the case Original air date: October 23, 2009 (US) Written by: Sean Crouch Directed by: Ralph Hemecker

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606 Dreamland

And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids … Summary: The FBI investigates a series of possible UFO sightings and a murder at an abandoned Air Force Base. Original air date: October 30, 2009 (US) Written by: Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal

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607 Shadow Markets

You’ve got international criminal cartels after you now … Summary: The FBI investigates a series of cyber-crimes that may have deadly consequences Original air date: November 6, 2009 (US) Written by: Julie Hebert Directed by: Julie Hebert

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608 Ultimatum

People have a tremendous desire for revenge … Summary: Agent Edgerton is accused of murdering an FBI informant Original air date: November 13, 2009 (US) Written by: Robert Port Directed by: Dennis Smith

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609 Con Job

The art of the con is the art of misdirection … Summary: A convicted criminal may hold the answers to an FBI investigation into a diamond theft Original air date: November 20, 2009 (US) Written by: Don McGill Directed by: Ralph Hemecker

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610 Old Soldiers

That’s D.B. Cooper money … Summary: A foiled armored car heist turns up money from an infamous old robbery case. Original air date: December 4, 2009 (US) Written by: Steve Cohen Directed by: Ken Sanzel

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