608 Ultimatum

People have a tremendous desire for revenge …

Summary: Agent Edgerton is accused of murdering an FBI informant

Original air date: November 13, 2009 (US)

Written by: Robert Port

Directed by: Dennis Smith

Opening numbers:

500,000: Dollars
6000: Inmates
1: Missing prisoner
60: Minutes to find him


Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Ian Edgerton’s call sign is Whiskey 33
  • Colby loved watching Dragnet as a kid, it’s one of the reasons he wanted to become a cop.


Episode Quotes:

  • Ian Edgerton: Newsflash: The Easter Bunny? He isn’t real either.
  • Colby: What happened the other sixteen times, Ian?
    Ian Edgerton: I had to clean my gun when I got home.


Episode Synopsis:

Ian Edgerton is investigating a heroin racket when his informant, Vincent Costello, turns up dead.  The situation is made even worse when it looks like Edgerton killed him.  US Marshal Frank Thompson has information he shows Don showing Edgerton received bribes totaling $500,000 sent to an offshore account; money that came from Salazar, the drug pusher Edgerton was after.  Thompson also has evidence Edgerton refused to arrest several of Salazar’s associates, in Thompson’s mind because Ian had flipped.

Realizing no one was listening to him, Edgerton escapes custody on his way back to his cell.  Thompson insists to Don and David the matter is something for the US Marshal’s Office to investigate as Edgerton escaped from a federal prison, the Marshal’s jurisdiction. Thompson calls in his own fugitive tracker, Janet Galvin, to lead the search for Ian. Don doesn’t accept that and keeps his team at the scene looking for Edgerton.  Don and Colby find a disused shaft Edgerton could use to escape and start a search of all air ducts leading off the shaft.  They are in a small room when Edgerton gets the jump on Don and takes Colby hostage.

With Colby handcuffed to a pillar, Edgerton tells David he wants Charlie on a conference call or Colby dies.  Charlie talks to Ian and Edgerton explains he thinks Felipe Garcia, an accountant for Salazar is actually hiding in the prison system.  Edgerton is sure Garcia will testify against Salazar, the problem is finding him.  Ian explains his theory to Charlie about Garcia switching ID bracelets with another prisoner and Charlie stars working on who Garcia would have switched bracelets with. Meanwhile David is doing his best to control the US Marshals who want to use whatever force necessary to recapture Ian and free Colby.

Charlie is able to narrow down a list of 600 inmates to seven individuals, and one of the Matthew Nunn is no longer at the prison, but moved to a county courthouse.  Don and Nikki go to the courthouse only to discover the man with Nunn’s bracelet, isn’t Garcia.  David finds evidence that Thomspon blocked every attempt Garcia made to be moved to a lower security facility; Thompson is confident the only reason Garcia wanted to move is to further the drug ring, so with Garcia contained, the drug trafficking is also contained.

Thompson and Galvin have had enough and they are preparing to blow a wall to get to Ian and Colby. Charlie is able to sort out enough of the bracelet switching to realize Garcia never left the prison, he was transferred to solitary confinement; Garcia isn’t afraid of another inmate working for Salazar, Garcia knows the inside man Salazar has in the prison is actually one of the Marshals.  David passes this information along to Colby and Ian along with a warning of the plan to breach the room.  Ian frees Colby who acts as though he’s arrested Ian before anyone can accidentally shoot Edgerton.  Don and Nikki reach Garcia in solitary in time to stop another inmate from murdering Garcia on the orders of the Marshal Salazar used as his inside contact, Janet Galvin.