NUMB3RS was a crime drama blending investigative techniques of the FBI with mathematics and science to catch criminals. The show stars Rob Morrow as Special Agent Don Eppes and David Krumholtz as Charlie Eppes, Don’s younger brother and genius mathematician.

NUMB3RS was created by Cheryl Heuton and Nick Falacci.


Rob Morrow (season 1-6)
David Krumholtz (season 1-6)
Judd Hirsch (season 1-6)
Alimi Ballard (season 1-6)
Peter MacNicol (season 1-6)
Navi Rawat (season 1-6)
Dylan Bruno (season 2-6 )
Sophina Brown (season 5-6 )
Aya Sumika (season 3-6 )
Diane Farr (season 2-4)
Sabrina Lloyd (season 1)

NUMB3RS aired January 23, 2005 — March 12, 2010  Friday night 10:00PM (US) on CBS for a total of 118 episodes.