Recurring Characters

In order to be a listed as a recurring character, a character had to have a speaking part and appear in two or more episodes.

Otto Bahnhoff

Otto Bahnhoff — nicknamed “Otto Bahn” a physicist at CalSci Played by John Cariani

Kath Berry

Kath Berry — Alan’s boss at the software company he works for Played by Wendy Makkena

Agent Roger Bloom

Roger Bloom — ex-FBI agentPlayed by Henry Winkler Spent 32 years with the FBI was forced into retirement without a pension While with the FBI led Bank division and Kidnap Rescue Was part of the investigation team for the D.B. Cooper heist in 1971

Dr. William Bradford

Dr. William Bradford — FBI consultant and therapistplayed by Wendell Pierce

Robin Brooks

Robin Brooks — Assistant US Attorney in Los AngelesPlayed by Michelle Nolden

John Buckley

John Buckley — Con man arrested by the FBI after hijacking a tour busPlayed by Fisher Stevens

Dwayne Carter

Dwayne Carter — ex-Army officer and friend of Colby’s.Played by Shawn Hatosy

JJ Cates

JJ Cates — LAPD detectivePlayed by Dan Martin

Officer Chrispens

Officer Chrispens — LAPD Bomb Squad (credited as Bomb Squad tech)Played by Gene Gabriel

Agent Ian Edgerton

Ian Edgerton — FBI agent, a specialist in sniping and snipers. Played by Lou Diamond Phillips