Recurring Characters

In order to be a listed as a recurring character, a character had to have a speaking part and appear in two or more episodes.

Dr. Mildred Finch

Dr. Mildred "Millie" Finch — Division Chair of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy at CalSciPlayed by: Kathy Najimy

Dr Ray Galuski

Ray "Ray Ray" Galuski — Professor of Engineering at CalSciPlayed by Chris Bauer

Dr. Claudia Gomez

Dr. Claudia Gomez — Los Angeles County coronerPlayed by Lauren Valez

Nadine Hodges

Nadine Hodges — Assistant US Attorney in Los Angeles. Played by Sarah Carter

Tim King

Tim King — FBI SWAT team leaderPlayed by Chris Bruno

Oswald Kittner

Oswald Kittner — self-taught mathematicianPlayed by  Jay Baruchel 

Samuel Kraft

Samuel Kraft — self-proclaimed psychicPlayed by John Glover

Carl McGowan

Carl McGowan — FBI agentPlayed by Keith Carradine

Dr Russell Lazlo

Dr Russell Lazlo — Professor of Biotechnology at CalSciPlayed by Tony Hale

Howard Meeks

Howard Meeks — Assistant US attorney for LA CountyPlayed by Joshua Malina