107 Counterfeit Reality

 It’s more like being able to draw the Mona Lisa free-hand

Summary: A counterfeiting case is further complicated by a kidnapping and an old flame of Don’s.

Original air date
: March 11, 2005  (US)

Written by: Andrew Dettman

Directed by
:  Alex Zakrzewski

Opening numbers:

6: Robberies
3: Murders
1230: Dollars
1: Artist

Family Concepts: (character development)
  • Don’s license plate is California 6Q49932
  • Don ran the Albuquerque FBI office
  • Don moved back to California three years ago
  • Don was engaged to Kim Hall and they lived together in New Mexico
  • Don likes rib-eye steak
  • Charlie is involved with a video enhancement project at CalSci
  • Alan had a 1952-3 Ford pick-up when guys were kids
  • David lives in Venice
  • Address on envelope with ring:**
    • 580 Elcate(?) St. Los Angeles, CA 90027

**Props are often contrary to canon, the address is different from that in an eariler episode.

Episode Synopsis:

A series of robberies ending in three murders leads the LAPD to ask Don for Charlie’s help with a video enhancement. The enhanced video shows two men with exotic machine guns committing the crimes.  While looking at the video, LAPD gets another call of another two murders with shell casing hat match the earlier scene.  The two new bodies, both teenage boys, match the descriptions of two boys who were in the shops mere hours before the robberies. 

An interview with the boys’ mother shows they paid back a loan to her with ten dollar bills, though she doesn’t know where the money came from, one of the boys did have a job at a movie production company in the warehouse district.  Checking the warehouse leads Don to some ink on the floor and David finds some interesting paper;with a sue suspicion of counterfeiting, the Secret Service is called.

Agent Kim Hall is giving a presentation on the history of the counterfeiting ring she suspects of making the fake bills when Charlie comes in and offers some ideas for helping with the case.  While Kim and Don discuss Charlie’s involvement outside Charlie’s hearing it’s revealed Kim and Don have a history together in Albuquerque, a relationship Charlie doesn’t know about.

Charlie takes a closer look at the passed bills and determines the counterfeiting ring may have a new artist working for them as there are several differences and errors not just between the counterfeit bill and a true bill but also there are differences between this new money and older bills the ring had created in the past.  David hears this and suggests a recent kidnapping in his area may also be linked to the counterfeiting case and the woman taken was an artist.

Terry and David try running down information with retired counterfeiters so see if one of them might know something about this current ring; one of them Eddie Zarkarian suggests another retired counterfeiter as a possible suspect.  When Terry and David try to talk to him, he’s killed getting out of his car.

Charlie discovers Margot, the kidnapped artist, left messages for her  husband in her art pieces, by studying the counterfeit bills, Charlie finds another message, this time a series of numbers.  Terry figures out the number match a warehouse owned by Eddie.  When he is arrested he explains he was trying to help his sons, but they were impatient.  Terry tells him they know about the warehouse and if Eddie doesn’t help them, his sons may die as a result of a confrontation with the FBI.  Eddie give Terry details about the warehouse which she then passes on to Don.  They find Eddie’s sons and two associates in the warehouse, one of them refuses to give up and is killed, but Margot is found alive.