412 Power

Unless somebody is missing a police car, that’s not an impersonator that’s an actual cop …

Summary: The FBI investigates a serial rapist with ties to the LAPD

Original air date: January 18, 2008 (US)

Written by: Julie Hebert

Directed by: Julie Hebert

Opening numbers:

200,780: Sexual assault victims
84%: Unreported
1 in 6: American women
Every 2.5 minutes

Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Larry is still at the monestary, but gives up his cell for a weekend
  • Megan attended college
  • Larry accepts a position to help find the God Particle (Higgs boson) and asks Amita to be his computational partner.  She accepts.
  • Neither Amita nor Larry eat red meat.

Episode Quotes:

  • Alan: They’re having an all-night math-a-thon in the living room.


Episode Synopsis:

Rena Vining is picked up for drunk driving, however she wakes up the next morning naked and hurt.  She calls an FBI anonymous tip line to report she was raped by an LAPD officer.  Megan goes to see her and finds Rena unwilling to help with the investigation, she wants to simply forget it ever happened and move on.  Megan, who saw a college room mate try to do the same thing and fail is at a loss as to how to get Rena to cooperate.

Don calls LAPD Internal Affairs to help sort out any “bad cops” in the ranks; IA sends Ivy Kirk to assist the FBI.  Ivy is not at all convinced Rena was raped by a police officer and thinks it was some sort of cop wanna be, her theory is supported when Rena remembers the bubble light in the car that pulled her over was blue not red which is the LAPD color.  Malcolm Tucci is a police academy wash out who still has his police uniform; he also was a volunteer fir fighter, a department that does use a blue light in their cars.  Rena sort of identifies Tucci from a series of photos and Don’s team arrests him at his house. Tucci states he was in the LAPD drunk tank the night Rena was raped, and while in custody another call comes in reporting a rape, this time the police officer involved was in a police car.

Megan talks to Josie Biggs and finds out it was an actual police car that stopped behind her when she ran out of gas, this pretty much eliminates to wanna be idea.  The FBI also finds out both Rena and Josie now have a drug resistant STD.  Charlie has been working on a series of Venn Diagrams to narrow the suspect pool, he comes up with twelve names of officers who could be involved but cautions Don to be very careful as his numbers are not definite.  When Josie views a line -up, the man who raped her isn’t there; she states the uniform is wrong a patch of a bell is missing.  Don and Ivy realize the officer involved isn’t in LAPD but Colina and near-by city.

Megan checks with a local rape crisis center in Colina and discovers there have been seven reported rapes by a police officer in the last year, no one however investigated any of those reports. Charlie is able to trace the rare STD back to an officer Mallard with Colina PD.  Mallard admits he and his partner would have sex with prostitutes, but his partner at the time went too far.  The FBI tracks this officer, Blaine Cleary back to LA where he is arrested.