Why do you hire a chef with a flawless genetic code …

Summary: An FBI investigation of a kidnapped girl is hampered by an outside security firm also working the case

Original air date: October 23, 2009 (US)

Written by: Sean Crouch

Directed by: Ralph Hemecker

Opening numbers:

797,500: Children missing per year
203,500: Kidnapped by family members
227: Amber Alerts
31: Paintings

Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Charlie and Amita discuss having kids
  • David is still at the community center
  • David and Don are both involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Liz was pregnant while in college, but had a miscarriage.

Episode Quotes:

  • Amita: When you get married in India, you marry the entire family.
    David: Somebody should tell Don.
  • Don: You see all sides from the middle.
  • Lazlo: Is this the cake problem? What’s the matter with you mathematicians?  Cake is never a problem.
  • Colby: What happens when this becomes mainstream?  People will just clone themselves and call it a do over?
    David: People already do that; it’s called having kids.

Episode Synopsis:

Charlie and Amita are helping track down an SUV driven by Anne Flynn.  Flynn is accused of kidnapping CJ Bramon a five year old girl.  They succeed in tracking the car to an abandoned house, however by the time the FBI arrives, the house is empty. Don and David try to tell the father of the girl, Dr Trey Bramon about the set back only to find him running from the FBI building.  When they catch up with him at his car, Don and David are confronted by Jeremiah Miller, the head of a security team for Leben’s Pharmaceuticals, the company Dr Bramon works for.  Miller claims he has information the FBI needs and only wants to help, while making sure Dr Bramon doesn’t say anything considered classified.

Based on information provided by Miller, David goes to talk to Carla Reed, Anne Flynn’s lawyer.  It seems Anne has been fighting for custody of CJ in the courts, however she lost her most recent attempt because she was a surrogate; something Bramon and Miller forgot to tell Don.  Colby and Liz search the house where Anne was hiding and find a bloody shirt belonging to CJ.  They have the blood tested and find it matches a former Leben’s employee, who died a year ago.  CJ and Jordon Smith have identical DNA and Charlie concludes CJ is actually a clone of Smith.

David convinces Reed the best way to help Anne and CJ is for the FBI to find the girl before Miller and his team. Reed tells David where Anne is going and Liz and Colby find her parked along a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Anne is alone and Liz and Colby realize she must have killed the girl. While Anne is being questioned, Liz gets suspicious and soon learns Anne didn’t kill CJ after all, the girl is with Reed who is taking CJ to Anne’s cousin.  Colby and David find Reed being chased by one of Miller’s men, when they arrest the driver, Reed informs them there were two cars chasing her. She was forced off the road and CJ was taken.

Charlie and Amita help find the hotel where Miller’s men are keeping CJ while they wait for a Leban’s plane to arrive to take her back to Dr Bramon’s lab.  While Don occupies Miller, the rest of the FBI team moves in and rescues CJ.  CJ and Anne are able to escape, though Miller threatens Don that his FBI career is now in jeopardy.