Nikki Bentancourt

FBI Special Agent 
Played by: Sophina Brown

Full Name: Nicola Bentancourt

Address: Unknown

Birthdate: Unknown

Early Life:


FBI Career:
Nikki is a rookie FBI agent when she joins Don’s team in the fall of 2008.  She has four years of experience with LAPD and also holds a law degree. She has a younger brother who does not like his sister being a police officer. Don’s team is not her first assignment for the FBI, however during her first undercover case with the team she doesn’t follow procedure and Don assigns her to desk duty. She also has problems readjusting her priorities from the LAPD to the FBI.

In early 2009, Nikki is sent to hostage negotiation training after events set during Animal Rights. She is admonished by Don that if she wants to be an FBI agent, she needs to learn to do it right.

Personal Life:

Hobbies Likes/Dislikes:
Nikki is taking a weekend computer graphics course. She also listens to Tom Petty, Neil Young an Bruce Springsteen music.



The Quotable Nikki Bentancourt:

  • You know you’re not in East LA when twenty dollar bills hit the ground and stay there. (The Decoy Effect)
  • Nikki: In the LAPD, you kill a cop that’s a priority.
    David: In the FBI, you kill eight people, they’re all a priority. (Blowback)
  • No, girl, you are not playin’ chicken with the FBI. (Magic Show)
  • Nikki: You don’t want us making life miserable for innocent grad students.
    Marshall Penfield: That’s what professors are for. (Frienemies)
  • Colby: A hand, please!
    Nikki: Punch her!
    Colby: She’s a girl! (Arrow of Time)
  • Nikki: I think I saw this movie.
    Don: Yeah? How did it end?
    Nikki: This guy gets off death row, right, and goes on this killing spree … Right.  I’ll go look for tire tracks. (12:01AM)
  • Liz: How come everyone in LA sees a shrink?
    Nikki: Ever try to find a parking spot at lunchtime?
    Liz: Good point. (12:01AM)
  • Nikki: We’re the devils?
    Larry: For the purposes of this particular game theory. (Angels and Devils)
  • Larry: Actually, there is no proven correlation between physical proximity and promise of result.
    Nikki: What?
    Liz: It’s not gonna go any faster with you looking over his shoulder.
    Nikki: Will it go any slower? (Angels and Devils)
  • I had anger issues back then!  I’m much better now! (Friendly Fire)
  • Nikki: Nellis has to deal with these kinds of people all the time.
    Don: Nellis?
    David: Air base; Area 51.
    Don: Oho so these are really reliable people. (Dreamland)
  • Colby: Why do I feel like I’m in a Scooby-Doo cartoon?
    Nikki: Jinkies, Fred, I don’t know. (Dreamland)
  • Nikki: Do we know what killed them?
    Ridenhour: Being blown up. (Dreamland)
  • Augie: It may be the shock talking, but you just saved my life over there and I’m feeling some pretty intense emotions about you right now.
    Nikki: Actually, it was Agent Sinclair, but I’ll let him know how you feel. (Shadow Markets)
  • Augie, people want to kill you.  I want to kill you. (Shadow Markets)
  • Nikki: Sorry, Alan, I thought you were one of the nurses that’s been MIA all morning.
    Alan: Yeah, they’re probably afraid of you. Did you tell them you have a gun? (Devil Girl)
  • Nikki: You ask me how I’m doing, I shoot you.
    Colby: How you doing? [Nikki shoves him] Take it easy, I just got in a car accident! (Devil Girl)
  • Nikki: What goes better with the Glock, rubies or emeralds?
    Elizabeth Hopkins: Rubies!  Emeralds for hand grenades, opals for switchblades. (And the Winner Is …)
  • Nikki [to David]: Where’s your girlfriend? Not Colby, the other one, the girl. (And the Winner Is …)
  • Nikki: How long before you can get us some results?
    Charlie: Well, really that falls under the auspices of the FBI lab.  With me and Amita leaving, they should get used to solving crimes by themselves again. (Growin’ Up)
  • Nikki [about David and Colby]: I hate it when Mom and Dad fight. (Growin’ Up)
  • David: Dolls?
    : Army dolls.
    David: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    Nikki: I’m gonna laugh. (Growin’ Up)


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