Season 3

(Season three does not have an opening credit sequence or voice-over)

321 The Art of Reckoning

He’s got hard core information on all of them … Summary: Don doesn’t believe a convicted hit man really wants to help an FBI investigation and Larry has to readjust to life back home after returning from the ISS. Original air date: April 27, 2007 (US) Written by: Julie Hebert Directed by: John Behring

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322 Under Pressure

Individual players only need to know their parts nothing else … Summary: The FBI races to stop a terrorist attack on the LA water suppy Original air date: May 4, 2007 (US) Written by: Andrew Dettman Directed by: J Miller Tobin

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323 Money For Nothing

We’ve got a hijacked truck we gotta find before it leaves LA … Summary: The FBI searches for a hijacked truck holding medical supplies, $50 million and two kidnapped aid workers. Original air date: May 11, 2007 (US) Written by: Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci Directed by: Stephen Gyllenhaal

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324 The Janus List

Everything just seems complicated now … Summary: A stand-off with a bomber leads to a secret that will change Don’s team. Original air date: May 18, 2007 (US) Written by: Robert Port and Ken Sanzel Directed by: John Behring

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