Season 4

Season four was a short season due to the 2007-2008 Writer’s Guild of America strike.

401 Trust Metric

Something about his confession, just doesn’t feel right … Summary: Don’s team must deal with the fallout from the revelation that Agent Colby Granger is a double agent working for the Chinese government. Original air date: September 28, 2007 (US) Written by: Ken Sanzel Directed by: Tony Scott

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402 Hollywood Homicide

Others are fleeting, insubstantial, potentially combustible even catastrophic … Summary: A murder in the Hollywood Hills leads Don’s team to an investigation of blackmail Original air date: October 5, 2007 (US) Written by: Andrew Dettman Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski

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403 Velocity

One thing about street racin’ those dudes crash … Summary: The FBI is called in to investigate a car accident that may be more than it appears. Original air date: October 12, 2007 (US) Written by: Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci Directed by: Frederick Keller

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404 Thirteen

He’s killing his apostles … Summary:  Cryptic messages related to Bible passages lead Don’s team on the trail of a serial killer Original air date: October 19, 2007 (US) Written by: Don McGill Directed by: Ralph Hemecker

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405 Robin Hood

Looks like we’re dealing with a real life Robin Hood here … Summary:  Don’s team tracks a bank robber who donates his stolen wealth to charities. Original air date: October 26, 2007 (US) Written by: Robert Port Directed by: J Miller Tobin

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406 In Security

Agent Eppes didn’t pull the trigger, but he sure a hell brought that gunman into this house … Summary:  Don feels responsible when a participant in the Witness Protection Program is killed. Original air date:  November 2, 2007 (US) Written by: Sean Crouch Directed by: Steven Gyllenhaal

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407 Primacy

It’s an MMO PVP RGP with an integrated ARG … Summary: The FBI enters the world of alternate reality gaming to investigate a violent death. Original air date: November 9, 2007 (US) Written by: Julie Hebert Directed by: Chris Hartwelll

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408 Tabu

I think they’re gonna do something sudden, something violent, something completely unexpected … Summary: An extremist group kidnaps an heiress and getting her back is only one of a series of problems for the FBI Original air date: November 16, 2007 (US) Written by: Sekou Hamilton Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski

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409 Graphic

You’re working with probabilities right; not like it’s hard physical evidence … Summary: The FBI must find not only a killer but a rare comic book while investigating a robbery at a comic book convention. Original air date: November 23, 2007 (US) Written by: Cheryl Heuton & Nicolas Falacci Directed by: John Behring

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410 Chinese Box

Maybe now someone will tell me why I was being watched … Summary: A member of Don’s team is held hostage in the FBI headquarters building. Original air date: December 14, 2007 (US) Written by: Ken Sanzel Directed by: Dennis Smith

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