401 Trust Metric

Something about his confession, just doesn’t feel right …

Summary: Don’s team must deal with the fallout from the revelation that Agent Colby Granger is a double agent working for the Chinese government.

Original air date: September 28, 2007 (US)

Written by: Ken Sanzel

Directed by: Tony Scott
Opening numbers:

13: Ships
16: Miles from shore
3: Drugs
2: Identities

Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Charlie and Amita are progressing with their relationship and are happy
  • Events in The Janus List were five weeks ago
  • Colby reported his contact with Dwayne to steal information and was used as a triple agent to discover who Dwanye was reporting to in the Department of Justice
  • Larry is still at the monastery, but is off his white food only diet
  • Don tried reading a paper Charlie wrote in the 11th grade on friendship matrixes as a way to pick up girls.
  • Colby’s op name was Stalking Horse

Episode Quotes:

  • Larry: Charles, the monks do not appreciate FBI agents knocking on their doors especially during morning contemplation.
  • Charlie: Don, you have a big ego.
    Don: Thanks.
    Charlie: No, you have a ginormous ego.
    Don: Thanks.
  • Charlie: I know math is full of absolutes; unfortunately, the rest of the world isn’t.
  • Larry: You can contemplate silence, but you can never find it.
  • Alan: Don’t egg him [Charlie] on, Larry.

Episode Synopsis:

Five weeks after Colby is arrested for treason, Don’s team is still reeling.  David seems to be taking things the worst, though Don is full of guilt for not seeing Colby’s intent.  Charlie hasn’t been consulting with the FBI on cases as Don hasn’t asked him.  Megan has been spending time with Larry at the monastery as well as trying to settle what she was doing for the Department of Justice in her mind and conscience. Everyone is further thrown when Colby manages to escape, along with Dwayne Carter during a prison transport.

Colby is given a handcuff key by his handler, Michael Kirkland and told to be ready during the transport.  The diversion happens as planned, though LAPD responds much faster than anticipated.  Colby and Dwayne do manage to escape and make their way to a shop where they cut off the remaining shackles.  They make for the subway, narrowly escaping LAPD officers patrolling the station.  Colby is not able to reach Kirkland as planned and as a last resort calls Charlie’s phone to talk to Don.  Colby explains he is not a traitor but a plant trying to find out who Dwayne is reporting to in the DoJ.  Don isn’t sure what to believe; David however is convinced the story is just a smoke screen. Charlie offers to work up a trust metric on Colby to see if he is telling the truth or not.

In an attempt to confirm Colby’s story, Megan and David try to find Mike Kirkland while Don interrogates the head of the security detail for the prison transfer.  Megan and David find Kirkland dead and obviously tortured and Don has little luck getting the security officer to talk.  Megan points out this does nothing to actually find Colby.  Charlie notes the last time Dwayne was in trouble he tried to get to China; figuring he will do this again, Charlie discovers thirteen Chinese cargo ships in the LA harbor.  David checks each of the ships out and finds one that has left port early.

Colby and Dwayne reach the cargo ship to find Dwayne’s handler Mason Lancer waiting.  Lancer knows Colby is spying on him not for him.  Lancer explains he was born in China and trained from an early age to spy on the US; he also has training in medicine and prefers to torture his subjects with a variety of drugs.  Don’s team decide to trust Colby is telling them the truth and set for the cargo ship before it gets too far to sea and out of reach.  As the FBI is storming the cargo ship, Lancer starts to give Colby a lethal dose of potassium chloride; Dwayne shoots Lancer before he can do much more than stick the syringe in Colby’s chest.  Dwanye himself is then shot by one of Lancer’s men.  Colby is not breathing, however he does survive.  Even though David is instrumental in saving Colby’s life he can’t accept what Colby has done for the past two years.