301 Spree

There’s no rhyme or reason to their moves they just seem to go for whatever’s in front of them …

Summary: Don’s team must stop a young couple’s robbery spree that has turned to murder.(part 1)

Original air date: September 22, 2006 (US)

Written by: Ken Sanzel

Directed by: John Behring

Opening numbers:

17: Days
11: Robberies
8: States
2: Lovers

Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Alan is planning to move out of the house and into a condo; he has told both Don and Charlie.
  • Alan says the reason he is doing this is because he hasn’t lived alone for forty years.
  • Don likes tennis
  • Don has always rented, never owned a house or apartment.
  • Larry is homeless by choice
  • Amita has decided to accept the CalSci professorship.
  • Amita and Charlie decide to make a go of a relationship.

Episode Quotes:

  • Colby: The only thing a teacher even gave me was detention.
  • Alan: Larry, I’m going to give you the same advise I’ve given to all the geniuses I know … don’t be an idiot.
  • Alan: How can a math genius not know how old his father is?
  • David: You get the feeling everybody’s forgotten about us?

Episode Synopsis:

Crystal Hoyle is a thirty year old history teacher form Texas; she has recently married one of her students a seventeen year old football player named Buck Winters.  The two of them have been on a crime spree since killing Buck’s father and leaving Texas; Don’s team picks up the case when they cross the state line into California. They also meet an old friend, Agent Ian Edgerton who has been tracking the couple for days and calls Don when he realizes the couple is heading for LA.

Edgerton shows Charlie a map of the couple’s crimes so far, and Charlie discovers a possible missed event, namely something in southern Wyoming.  Edgerton is sure nothing happened there as they don’t have any reports of sightings, however a check reveals a shooting at a bar in Red Desert Wyoming.  Since the Wyoming crime doesn’t fit the pattern of the couple, no poems, no faces for security cameras, Don suspects they may have done something else while at the bar; David and Colby start to work on finding out what.

Megan analyzes the security tapes and finds Crystal is the one if charge, she working with a purpose; Buck is in it for the fun, and the fact that he’s in love with Crystal.  The mystery is why she has come back to LA.  She was an run away as a kid and arrested for drug possession in the LA area when she was fifteen.  However she seemingly straightened out her life and was a model citizen until recently.

At home, Alan has decided to move out of the house.  He hasn’t lived alone in forty years but is unsure how Charlie will take the news.   Don requests Alan get a place that has a tennis court so he, Don, can play.  Alan also talks to Larry about moving out, and Larry suggests the direct approach.

Charlie and Amita have a quiet dinner where Amita tells Charlie she has accepted CalSci’s professorship offer and will be staying in California.  They both decide to try making a relationship work, but Charlie soon starts to wonder if Amita made the right choice.  Did she stay in California just to try a relationship with him and what happens if things don’t work out?

Crystal and Buck get to LA and decide to hit a Porsche dealership.  Buck thinks it’s just the next crime, but the dealership owner recognizes Crystal just before she kills him.  Crystal has dramatically changed their M.O. and Megan tries to figure out why.

David and Colby find out Crystal made a call to a Lydia Campos just before robbing the bar in Wyoming.  They stake out her house and listen as Crystal calls her.  Lydia doesn’t seem to want to help Crystal but reluctantly gives her informaiton in a meth lab.  Crystal and Buck strike the lab, shooting several people before stealing something and setting the place on fire.  Searching the lab later, Don discovers a cache of weapons and grenades.

Lydia is picked up and Megan discovers Crystal’s plan is to erase her mistakes from the past.  She no longer has any sense of boundaries and is very dangerous.  Charlie offers a theory that Edgerton has been locked in a pursuit curve with the couple and if he wants to get ahead of them, he needs to discover what they might be chasing.  Now that the FBI knows Crystal plans clean up her past, they start staking out her past associates, including an old boyfriend, Billy Rivers, who got her hooked on drugs and busted.

The FBI stakes out a cousin of Billy’s and catch Buck but not Crystal.  Buck says he was the one to kill his father not Crystal and he would do anything to protect her.  He doesn’t think the FBI will be able to do anything about Crystal and won’t help them catch her.

Megan has an early breakfast with Larry and is kidnapped by Crystal when she leaves the restaurant.