205 Assassin

When it’s done right, you never do find out who did it …

Summary: Don’s team finds a suspicious code during a raid that could lead to the assassination of a Columbian exile.

Original air date
: October 23, 2005 (US)


Written by: Cheryl Heuton, Nicolas Falacci


Directed by:  Bobby Roth

Opening numbers:

7522: Colombian exiles
1500: Political disappearances
93: Murders per week
1: Assassin

Family Concepts: (character development)
  • Larry is competing in the Physics Department paper airplane contest
  • Charlie’s work with the NSA included covert communications
  • Alan doesn’t believe the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy assassination
  • Mrs. Eppes has an Aunt Irene that doesn’t like Alan (she thinks her niece could have made a better match)
  • Megan is trained in behavioral science
  • Amita and Larry both like the White Stripes
  • Colby was stationed in Afghanistan while in the Army’s Special Forces.
  • Colby has a college degree and three years of interrogation technique training
  • Charlie tries not to think about Don’s work at the FBI
  • Amita’s PhD advisor is Dr. Kepler

Episode Quotes:

  • Larry: Since when did my last name become a predicate adjective?
  • Don: You’ll forgive me if my years of high school detention says I’m right.
  • Megan: Probably the same as two brothers still mooching meals at their dad’s house three nights per week.
  • Colby: Start telling us what we want to know or think about a defibrillator for mommy.
  • Larry: I think we need to give value to defenstration.
  • Don: Assassin, concert. Concert, assassin, you tell me.
  • David: Looks like we have a very different kind of Mac.

Episode Synopsis:

Youngest son of a Colombian reformer is targeted for assassination. Don is trying to get info out of the Colombian Embassy without much luck while Charlie is trying to figure out how the assassin will commit the murder.

At one point the assassin seems to have succeeded as Gabriel (our exile) is found by David and Colby floating in the canal behind his house. Gabriel is OK, but David and Colby probably had the assassin in their hands and didn’t know it.

Charlie and Gabriel talk, Charlie realizes how hard Don’s job can be at times when he (Don) has to tell potential victims what might go down. Basically they commiserate about being the younger brother.

On the family side Alan has been invited to Aunt Irene’s 80th birthday party and he doesn’t want to go alone as she doesn’t really like him. Charlie had to go to her 75th and is not looking forward to going again, he and Don have an argument over who will end up going. Don argues he has an assassin to catch and Charlie points out he is going to a concert with Amita.

Don and Company track down the assassin who was the one at the canal attempt on Gabriel, Don tries to point out to the embassy rep that if she had helped a little maybe they would have caught him faster. She’s not impressed and states that if the CIA wasn’t training the assassins, maybe there wouldn’t have been an attempt in the first place.

Family scene at the end, Don is there in a suit ready to go to the birthday party when Charlie comes downstairs also in a suit and is surprised to see Don. Don says it’s time he did some family stuff and asks about Charlie. Charlie explains he canceled his plans with Amita and given the concert tickets to Larry as Amita informed Charlie she had made other plans anyway. All three Eppes men go to Aunt Irene’s party.