And You Thought Your Weekend Was Bad

By: Lady Shelley

Cross-over of sorts with Fraiser.

Rated: G      May 20, 2000      6K

Notes: This is for MyJim who wanted a story where Blair and Dr. Frasier Crane meet.
Not Beta’d. And it goes without saying I don’t own the good doctor or his producer either.
Weird Bruce pic courtesy of Taleya Joinson. Thanks ‘Leya!


Dr Frasier Crane walked into the studio booth, set down his briefcase, and strolled into the sound room where his produced Roz Doyle was setting out tapes.

"Roz? You will not believe my weekend. First, I have to spend Saturday and Sunday in the quaint city of Cascade, where, let me tell you, there isn’t a decent French restaurant to be had for miles. To give a seminar to a bunch of police detectives on how to handle criminals with mental problems."

Roz succeeded in ducking Dr. Crane’s wildly flying arms, and moved back into the studio. "Uh huh," she said. She knew she wouldn’t get a word in and didn’t try. Dr. Crane would settle down once his story was told and she was appropriately sincere with her insincerity.

Dr. Crane walked back out with her and continued, "The last group was from some division called Major Crime."

"You’re on in two minutes, Frasier," was all Roz said.

Dr. Crane moved his briefcase off the console and sat down; Roz moved back to the sound room to better tune the doctor’s story out.

"There was this one detective. Had eyes like ice. He just stared the whole time. I don’t think he said two words except to acknowledge his friend next to him. Which let me tell you, Dad would have a fit if he saw that kid. I don’t think he sat still the whole seminar and his hair. Do you know he looked exactly like Weird Bruce? Like the world needs another Weird Bruce in it."

"Thirty seconds," came through from the sound room.

"You know, I think I may have called him Weird Bruce, even. He had all kinds of questions about mental disabilities. How to spot one. How to handle different people with different problems. It really was amazing to hear such thought provoking comments coming from someone who looks like Weird Bruce. Did I ever tell you what he did to some of my callers while you were off with Bulldog?"

"Yes, Frasier. Every time my contract comes up for renewal. You’re on in ten seconds."


"So, Jim, What did you think of the psychologist?"

"I’m trying not to, Chief. Spending a perfectly good Sunday trapped in a hotel conference room listening to some radio personality go on about mental health is not my favorite way to spend a day," Jim answered walking over to his desk.

Blair followed, dumping his backpack under his chair, "Well, yeah, it wasn’t my first choice, either. But it still was kinda interesting."

"Whatever, Sandburg. Of course the way he kept staring at you, I’m not sure the good doctor didn’t need to take some of his own advice."

"He did kinda have that dropped jaw, stunned look didn’t he," Blair said with a grin. "I wonder if that was the first time he ever had audience participation or something."