109 Sniper Zero

 A sniper is something new, it’s random, malicious …

Summary: When four people in the LA area are killed by a sniper, Don calls in a Quantico specialist to help solve the case.

Original air date
: April 15, 2005 (US)

Written by: Ken Sanzel

Directed by: J Miller Tobin

Opening numbers:
1: Sniper
3: Rifles
4: Shootings
4: Deaths

Family Concepts: (character development)
  • Don plays golf
  • Don has an agent watching Charlie
  • Don knows Charlie owns the family home
  • Charlie has never fired a gun before
  • Charlie is a horrible speller
  • Alan has a friend named Stan Carter who works for the LA Parks Department
  • Alan may be doing some consulting work for Stan Carter
  • David grew up somewhere it snowed heavily
  • Terry is divorced
  • Terry wears glasses
  • Larry wants to go into space
  • Larry is feeling the need for a nuclear family
  • The family house number might be 616

Episode Synopsis:

Four homicides in the LA area leads Don to call in a sniper specialist to help with the case.  Agent Edgerton and Charlie use different means both however to reach a similar conclusion as to where the shooter was for the fourth death.  An analysis of the case evidence points to one person using a series of different barrels and calibers to carry out his serial killings.

As more shooting occur, more and more people refuse to eave their homes; Larry has very few students in his classes and the streets are almost deserted.  Larry also starts thinking about a “traditional nuclear family” and wondering if he will ever have such a family of his own.

Charlie does some analysis of his own and determines the shootings may not be linked after-all instead they are the result of a viral behavior or tipping point, as more shooting happen, even more with then occur as the behavior infects the population. Using this method the FBI starts solving the shooting cases by looking at them as individual events instead of links in a chain.

Things are going well but more shooting are still happening; Charlie thinks there is a serial killer buried in the data somehow and works out four of the cases, there have now been nine shootings, where it looks like the work of a single person.  The victims however don’t seem to have anything in common. Don notes that while they are looking at the people shot and the places where the shootings occur, they are not seeing the whole picture, they’ve forgotten a key piece, namely where the shots are fired.

A review of employee records for the firing locations points out a Nathan Crane that worked at two of the locations, further review shows he worked at or near all of the places where the sniper fired.  David interviews Crane’s mother and discovers he was once in the Army but left, not giving a reason and that now he can’t seem to hold down a job.  Looking at other places here Crane had worked, the FBI narrows down other possible sniper locations to two places, an office park and a sheet metal plant.

Don and Terry take the office park and find Crane’s van.  They clear the plaza area and with LAPD and FBI teams start a search of the area.  Charlie and David arrive and as Charlie is walking around looking for firing locations, a shot is fired near his head.  A second shot misses him as David knocks him down.  David, and the rest of the FBI and police teams start looking for the shooter, and before he can fire again Edgerton kills him.