202 Bettor or Worse

A surpising amount of math applies itself to gambling …

Summary: A jewelry store owner’s family is kidnapped, and the only person who knows where they are is killed by a security guard.

Original air date
: September 30, 2005 (US)


Written by: Andrew Dettman


Directed by:  J Miller Tobin

Opening numbers:
3.2 million: Gambling addicts
116: Jewelry heists
53K: Average gambling debt
1: Polaroid
Blooper: The Saturn Ion wasn’t introduced until 2003

Family Concepts: (character development)
  • Larry prefers classic cars
  • Charlie and Amita have their first date
  • Colby has moved to LA recently and his current residence does not have a pool
  • Alan places occasional bets on football games
  • Charlie and Larry are both very good at air hockey

Episode Quotes:

  • Megan: The stats blame the men, Granger, I’m just quoting them.
  • Larry: Charlie, have you ever considered our place in the universe?
    Charlie: Certainly every time we speak.
  • Charlie: Mixing cosmic metaphors again are we?
  • Colby: So you’re sorting those based on what?
    Megan: The ones I like and the ones I don’t.
  • Megan: And her breasts, believe it or not are real.  In LA!
  • Alan: 3.5 is a ridiculous spread. I took the Jags and made $100.
    Don: What? You have a bookie?
    Alan: Should I have my lawyer present?
  • Don: Younger brothers can definitely be a trigger.
  • Don:Until we find dead bodies, this is still a search and rescue.
  • David: A pool is a birth-right around here.
  • Colby: I’m not gonna shoot ya; just don’t feel like chasing ya today.
  • Larry: My physics verses your geometry.


Episode Synopsis:

A woman walks into a jewelry store and demands to speak to the owner.  She hands him a note demanding a quantity of diamonds and a picture of the owner’s wife and daughter obviously kidnapped.  The store owner, Martin Rausch, gives her the diamonds and as she is walking out of the store she is killed by a security guard alerted by a store employee about suspicious activity.

The woman has no arrest record and her finger prints are not in file anywhere.  As Megan reviews tapes of the robbery she notes the woman is not at all experienced with criminal activities and seems terrified.  Charlie thinks he can help at least identify the woman’s car from her remote entry system and starts work with Larry’s help to pinpoint the algorithm the remote and the car use to identify each other.  He succeeds and Don is able to trace the car back to Stephen Logan; his daughter drives the car and is the woman involved in the robbery.

Mr Logan can’t believe his daughter, Erica, would be involved in such a crime and after reviewing her case, Megan agrees; she surmises there had to be a trigger of some sort for Erica to do something so completely out of character.  Don points out she has a younger brother, which younger brothers can certainly be a trigger, and he may be involved as well.  David and Colby chase down the brother, Remy and find out he’s a bookie running numbers through two brothers, Brian and Chris Reynolds.  David points out Rousch is one of Remy’s clients and that he’s lost a lot of money.

Charlie finally works up his nerve to ask Amita on a date, however they decide they will not talk about math on the date; needless to say things do not go well. Larry points out they made a fatal assumption in that they had to talk about something other than work.

Colby reports Rousch has slipped past the surveillance watching him and can’t be found.  Don and David go back to his jewelry store and find he’s stolen a number of pieces from the repair section of the store.  Following a lead from Charlie, they find him in a warehouse parking lot, but the kidnappers did not return his family when he gave them the stolen property.  He then admits he was actually part of the kidnapping scheme from the beginning as a way to pay off his debts and not be killed but the plan has changed and know he doesn’t know where his wife and daughter are being held.

Amita and Charlie work back through computer records to find a location near the San Pedro marina that the Reynolds brothers own.  Don and company come to arrest the brothers and find the wife and daughter still alive in a nearby building.