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The Sentinel Special Edition

Stories are archived with various authors’ permissions.  Please do not archive stories at other sites. If linking to us, please link to our home page. So, you didn’t like the way Cypher ended.  Do you think there should have been more to Dead Drop?  And can we just start over with Prisoner X?   Well, you’ve come […]

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Animal House

By: Lady Shelley Answer to Challenge #20 from Jen and Suzie’s Challenge Page. This is Major Crimes’ reaction to the tape in The Real Deal Rated PG (one bad word)     Sept. 25, 1999     28K

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201 Judgement Call

Summary: Don and Colby investigate the connection between an Asian street gang and the murder of a judge’s wife Original air date: September 23, 2005 (US)   Written by: Ken Sanzel   Directed by:  Alex Zakrzewski

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202 Bettor or Worse

A surpising amount of math applies itself to gambling … Summary: A jewelry store owner’s family is kidnapped, and the only person who knows where they are is killed by a security guard. Original air date: September 30, 2005 (US)   Written by: Andrew Dettman   Directed by:  J Miller Tobin

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203 Obsession

He’ll keep coming back at her again and again until he’s successful … Summary: A singer is being stalked and the murder of a photographer may be connected. Original air date: October 7, 2005 (US)   Written by: Robert Port   Directed by:  John Behring

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