Travel Plans

By: Lady Shelley

Blair is off to visit a friend in Hawaii.

Rated G    Sept. 23, 1999     23K

Notes: This story was written as a gift for a fellow Senfic writer. Thanks to Toni for beta reading.

Jamie is an original character. So far, she’s only mentioned, never seen. I might give her a back-story in the future.

internal thought is italics



Another crash sounded from Blair’s room.

Jim looked up from his newspaper, glanced at his watch, and decided he’d had enough. Setting his coffee cup on the counter as he passed, Jim walked around to Blair’s room.

"Sandburg! What’s the prob. . . " Jim stopped open-mouthed.

The room was a disaster. Books piled on the small desk were half-toppled over, the floor was littered with boxes and more books, and the bed was covered in clothes, papers, and pillows. "What happened in here?"

"Jim, it’s not that bad. Really. It will all get cleaned up before I leave." Blair stood in the middle of the mess looking between the dresser and the tiny closet, mumbling to himself and missing Jim’s glare at the mess. The mumbling continued, "It’s got to be here somewhere. I know it made the move from the warehouse."

"You’re darn right it will be cleaned up before you leave. I don’t think I can get the door closed to ignore this for the week you’ll be gone. By the way, your plane is leaving in two hours. Don’t you think we should get a move on? What are you doing, anyway?"

Just then a joyous yelp came out of Blair and he pounced on a box still under the bed. "Yes! I knew it was around here somewhere." Blair came up with one of the gaudiest Hawaiian shirts known to man. Red, with huge blue and green flowers, it was enough to give Jim a headache just looking at it.

"Chief, what do you think you’re going to do with that?"

"Wear it! Come on, man, it’s a classic!" Blair enthused.

"You’re gonna look like an idiot touron in that thing. Come on, get this mess at least away from the door and let’s go. At this rate you’re going to miss your plane and I don’t want to keep Jamie waiting. She’s worked awfully hard to earn this little vacation you’ve arranged."

"Yeah, I’m coming!" Blair shoved the color war into his bag, kicked most of the junk on the floor back under the bed, and closed the door.


Traffic was forgiving and the usual forty-five minute drive from the loft to the airport only took thirty. Because Blair had no luggage to check, there was a little time to kill waiting for the plane to board.

"So, Sandburg, what do you have planned for Jamie as a reward? I hope its not climbing volcanoes. I thought it was great, but Jamie wouldn’t go with me. So there was steam coming out some side vents, I could tell it wasn’t going to do anything any time soon. And the view from up there was magnificent." Jim sighed at the lost chance to show Jamie the view from the top while Blair’s eyes bugged slightly at the idea of Jim climbing an active volcano to see ‘a view.’

"I don’t really have anything set. I want to see how hard the semester was on her before I try the Ellison forced-march holiday. I was thinking of walks on the beach and seeing the sights. It’s been years since I’ve been to Hawaii. I do want to give Jamie a special treat the first day I’m there; an afternoon in an ice cream shop." Blair didn’t elaborate; he knew Jim would ask.

Just then the announcement of Blair’s flight was called.

"You, in an ice cream shop? Doesn’t sound too health-conscience to me, Chief."

The attendant called for boarding of first-class passengers and children.

"Hey, man, I’m entitled. It’s a vacation!" A smile played at the corners of Blair’s mouth. Come on, man, you know you want to ask.

The attendant started calling for more passengers. Blair stood, so he would be ready when his row was called.

"Call me when you get there, Chief, and try to stay out of trouble. Simon was tempted to call the Hawaiian police and let them know you’re coming."

Blair smiled at the comment and asked, "So, what do you have in the pool?"

Jim pasted an innocent look on his face and replied, "What pool would that be?"

"Come on, man. The what-will-happen-to-Blair-this-time pool."

"Oh, that pool. You know I don’t bet in those things."

"Uh-huh, sure, Jim. I hoped you picked ‘nothing at all’ because that’s what’s going to happen. Nothing."

Jim just smiled. "I certainly hope so."

The attendant was calling Blair’s row, and the younger man started walking toward the gate.

"Hey, Chief."

Here it comes. I knew he couldn’t leave it alone. Blair turned back to Jim trying hard not to laugh.

"Why are you taking Jamie to an ice cream shop all afternoon?"

Blair laughed at last, handed the attendant his ticket, and said, "Because, man. It’s her just desserts!"