203 Obsession

He’ll keep coming back at her again and again until he’s successful …

Summary: A singer is being stalked and the murder of a photographer may be connected.

Original air date: October 7, 2005 (US)


Written by: Robert Port


Directed by:  John Behring

Opening numbers:

1,000,000: Women stalked
170K: Celebrities
4400: Murdered
1: Obsession

Family Concepts: (character development)
  • Don and Charlie both enjoy hockey, though for different reasons
  • Amita likes Skyler Wyatt’s music
  • Larry has a new vintage car: a 1931 Model A
  • Charlie can’t drive a standard transmission and doesn’t want to
  • Megan likes Larry’s new car
  • Charlie has a secret admirer (who likes him for his mind and … hair)
  • Charlie wrote his first mathematics paper at age 14 for the American Journal of Mathematics
  • Megan and Don don’t read tabloids
  • Colby is a golfer
  • Charlie helped write the program for FISH
  • Charlie and Larry are members of the North American Sundial Society

Episode Quotes:

  • Don: He’s a famous mathematician. Go ahead get your vogue on, Charlie.
  • Larry: And for some reason they won’t let us move the walls of the actual house.
  • Don: Fame for privacy are you kidding? Not me, no thank you.
  • Megan: All you math guys are out because one of you was good in bed?
  • Charile: You’re here for the photo enhancement.  It’s still, you know, enhancing.
  • Larry: Cosmologists use it when we’re just plain lost.

Episode Synopsis:

Skyler Wyatt, a popular singer who has received numerous threatening letters and calls the police after finding a man in her house.  Her security system doesn’t pick up the man entering her house.   Since the cameras are positioned based on a mathematical formula, Charlie and Larry start working on where he could have entered without the camera seeing him.  Unfortunately their analysis shows he had to be seen by a camera somewhere.  Charlie digs further and finds the camera did see the intruder, however, the intruder knew about the cameras and how to fool them.  He’s in a picture, but the camera didn’t pick up much.  Charlie offers to see if he can clean up the image.

Charlie has also received an anonymous note.  He’s intrigued but can’t figure out who would send an unsigned letter, and the handwriting doesn’t match Amita.

Tracking down leads, David and Colby come across Jerry Wilcox, a tabloid photographer, checking with his neighbors, he can’t be found until Colby gets a calls that Wilcox has been found, dead, on a hill overlooking Skyler’s house.  A flash drive in Wilcox’s computer includes several picture of a basketball hoop.  David talks to Charlie and Larry about tracing where the pictures could be taken using the shadow the hoop cast on the ground.

Don and Megan discover Skyler is having an affair with a rap singer named Dante; it seems only fair since Skyler’s husband is wrapping up a movie in Europe and is probably also having an affair with his co-star.  Colby and David talk to Dante but don’t find out much as he would rather talk to a lawyer first.  Charlie is still working on the photo enhancement when Megan asks him to look at the letters Skyler received.  Charlie and the FBI figure out quickly that the letters were written by more than one person; there is a stalker and a copy-cat.

The pictures of the basketball hoop lead David and Colby to Orville, Dante’s body guard.  He claims Dante was setting Skyler up, that he wanted the pictures of the tow of them together to be published as it would make his career to be seen with her.  Orville is the second letter writer and the man in Skyler’ house the night she calls the police, he wants her to know she isn’t safe and needs his protection.

Orville however didn’t kill Jerry Wilcox, and after interviewing Dante, Don doesn’t think he killed the photographer either.  Megan discovers Dante called several tabloids looking to sell the pictures Wilcox was going to take and one of those tabloids is run by a friend of Skyler.

When confronted, Skyler admits she killed Wilcox after finding him on the hill behind her house.  She tells Don he wouldn’t stop shooting pictures even after she confronted him, so she hit him with his tripod and left him to die.