302 Two Daughters

Turns out this whole thing wasn’t just about payback after all …

Summary: Don’s team must stop a young couple’s robbery spree that has turned to murder. (part 2)

Original air date: September 29, 2006 (US)

Written by: Ken Sanzel

Directed by: Alex Zakrzewski

Opening numbers:

15: Years
14: Hours
9: Digits
0: Ways out

Family Concepts: (character development)

  • Larry has an unlisted phone number and considers cell phone “eletronic leashes” and refuses to own one.
  • Colby is the last one to know Larry and Megan are dating
  • Megan has a black belt in Krav maga and is one of the best shots in the office according to David
  • Megan left home at sixteen and did not go back
  • Don has lived in his current two-bedroom apartment for about two years
  • Charlie believes he gives up on things he doesn’t learn easily too quickly
  • Alan has decided not to move out, instead he wants to build a private staircase to his room.

Episode Quotes:

  • Charlie: Even a lawyer can’t argue with math.
  • Edgerton: [regarding one of Charlie’s math explanations] Anyone else following this?
    Colby: Just nod your head and wait for the punchline.
  • Don: Don’t underestimate how great it is to have somebody to come home to talk to.

Episode Synopsis:

The episode opens with Don’s team finding Crystal’s van abandoned with a note scrawled across the side panel that Buck must go free; Don is wondering where Megan is until he receives a call on Megan’s cell phone from Crystal informing him Megan has been kidnapped.  Larry is beside himself with guilt about leaving Megan at the diner and lashes out at both David and Charlie.

Charlie suggests to David the rules of the game should be changed, instead of letting Buck go, the FBI should find something else Crystal wants namely Billy Rivers.  They find Rivers through his attorney but get little out of him until Colby finds a note in a background check on the Porsche dealership owner and finds a $50,000 payment made to Rivers’ attorney back in 1992; the attorney also dealt in black market babies and Don realizes Crystal must have been pregnant when she was in LA as a teenager.

Megan meanwhile has reached the same conclusion through talking to Crystal and relating her own troubled past.  She realizes Crystal isn’t just out to clean up past mistakes, she wants to find her now teenage daughter.  She tries to convince Crystal this is a bad idea that the girl is happy and should be left alone, but Crystal doesn’t want to hear it, she points a gun at Megan who disarms Crystal and fires a shot into the wall.

Charlie works out a way to try and search for Megan using a spiral search pattern; David and Colby are only a few blocks away when a call comes in of shots fired at a nearby motel.  They arrive to find Crystal holding Megan.  Crystal cuts Megan badly and escapes.

Don’s team starts tracking back the baby sale but don’t get far before the lawyer is found dead and his files ransacked; Crystal evidently found him through an NCIC data search using Megan’s credentials, she now knows where her daughter is and the FBI doesn’t.  Megan and Larry escape from the hospital and work out that they could try to track the daughter through the adoptive parents and Social Security Numbers.  Charlie and Amita work out the search parameters and discover the girl’s SSN.

Charlie and Amita have a heart to heart about their future. Amita states she stayed for the great opportunity not as a way to date Charlie, she is interested in trying a relationship only if he is.

Crystal is at the girl’s house ready to take her when she changes her mind.  As she drives away the FBI pulls up.  Crystal calls Megan and demands to speak to Buck; when she does she basically tells the boy good bye and the FBI traces the call and discovers she is heading to Mexico.

A roadblock is set up and Crystal is caught, but instead of giving up she decides to ram the road block, she also has another grenade.  Before she can get very close, Don shoots her and the car explodes a safe distance away.