Colby Granger

FBI Special Agent 
Played by: Dylan Bruno

Full Name: Colby Granger

Address: Unknown

Birthdate: Unknown

Early Life:
Colby is born and raised in Winchester, Idaho and attends a small high school with 200 students. His father died when he was fifteen and Colby is unsure if it truly was an accident or if his father committed suicide driving off a mountain road as a result of being fired from his machinist job. So far no mention of other family members. He is on the wrestling team in college.

After breaking his leg at the age of ten, Colby spends a summer watching Gary Cooper in High Noon.  The film is one inspiration for Colby to join the FBI later in life  Colby also enjoys watching Dragnet and this is his inspiration for wanting to join the police force.

Pre-FBI Career
Colby is in the Army’s Special Forces and serves in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan where he is injured at least once when his Humvee is blown up.  He holds a college degree and also has three years of interrogation technique training used with CID (Army Criminal Investigation) He serves in Afghanistan at the same time as Agent Edgerton though they do not meet. Colby participates in an operation in Afghanistan that results in the friendly fire deaths of two British agents; it is never clear who fires the shots that kill the men, and Colby realizes he will never really know if he is at fault.  He is fluent in Spanish.

FBI Career
Colby is a rookie in the FBI and is assigned to Don’s team in 2005, and the events in Judgment Call occur during Colby’s second week with the team.  He works most cases with David Sinclair or Megan Reeves. he holds the office record for combat pistol shooting.

In early 2007, Colby is arrested, along with his friend Dwanye Carter, on treason charges after it is revealed he is spying for the Chinese government. Unknown to anyone on the FBI team, Colby is working as a counter intelligence agent working to find a leak in the Department of Justice; he receives the FBI Medal of Meritorious Conduct for his efforts. It is assumed he will have his choice for whatever next assignment he wants with the successful conclusion of the DoJ investigation. he is offered a position with the Washington DC office, but turns it down, telling Don he would rather stay in LA if possible.  Don promises to see what can be done.

Personal Life
Colby moved to LA in 2005. He hasn’t dated anyone since moving to California partly because dating in LA is difficult, but working the undercover case doesn’t help. In late 2007 he starts looking more seriously even allowing Megan to set him up on a blind date.

By late 2008, Colby is still not seriously dating though he does have a one night stand with Lynn Potter, a material witness in a current investigation.

Hobbies Likes/Dislikes
Colby enjoys golf and chess and plays darts; he is a jogger and a fisherman; he also enjoys camping.  Colby learns to surf while stationed at Schofield Barracks on Oah’u Hawai’i.

Colby listens to Travis Tritt music and hangs out at a honky-tonk bar in the valley. He has made a study of the Kennedy assassination and thinks Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

He enjoys Twitter and encourages David to sign up for the service as well. He also uses NetFlix. He does not have a library card.

Colby collects Army dolls.


  • In the episode In Plain Sight, he is driving a black Ford license number California 2GEE645

The Quotable Colby Granger:
  • What’s she gonna tell us: That the guy we’re lookin’ for had a bad childhood? (Judgment Call)
  • Colby: What biker gang doesn’t ride Harley’s?
    David: The urban kind. Besides, only investment bankers can afford Harley’s any more. (Judgment Call)
  • Colby: So you’re sorting those based on what?
    Megan: The ones I like and the ones I don’t. (Bettor or Worse)
  • I’m not gonna shoot, ya. Just don’t feel like chasing ya today. (Bettor or Worse)
  • No one expects Martha Stewart to go down in a hail of bullets. (Calculated Risk)
  • We should see if we can get the whiz kid in here to give us a hand. (Calculated Risk)
  • Start telling us what we want to know or think about a defibrillator for Mommy. (Assassin)
  • Ooo, math fight. (Convergence)
  • Colby: Your brother is starting to freak me out a little bit.
    Don: What? just a little? (Convergence)
  • As a law enforcement officer, I shouldn’t be this shocked at how many people shop-lift. (Toxin)
  • To Yardley saying he has a weapon’s permit: You don’t exactly mind if I don’t take your word for it. (Toxin)
  • On Edgerton: He’s the bastard son of Clint Eastwood and Yoda. (Toxin)
  • That was the 1960’s.  Do me a favor and check a calendar. (Scorched)
  • On a picture taken from the ELM: It must have fallen off the bulletin board and gotten stuck to my shoe. (Scorched)
  • Megan: He knew exactly what to say.
    Colby: Yeah, well, I used to be smarter than everyone else, too. (Scorched)
  • Looks like a bunch of dads got separated from their families on the bus to Disneyland. (Double Down)
  • To Charlie: Meanwhile, back in the parking lot? (Double Down)
  • What’s willingly when your poor and desperate? (Harvest)
  • Maybe they can check and see if he’s a donor. (Harvest)
  • With Stirling dead that effectively eliminates him as a suspect in the current bombings. (Protest)
  • Blasting gel is more powerful that dynamite, but it’s also a lot more stable. (Protest)
  • I’ve got a whole ‘nother kidding face. (Mind Games)
  • David: Five bucks says he runs.
    Colby: Ten bucks says I catch him. (Dark Matter)
  • The real question is how much of forever you want to spend in jail. (Rampage)
  • Regarding an injured David: He says to tell you he wants back ASAP; and no I can’t have his desk. (Backscatter)
  • David: Why do they always run?
    Colby: Cuz we’re in suits.  You always think you can outrun a guy in a suit. (Undercurrents)
  • Colby: We’re the only white people in here.
    David: Yes … we are. (Undercurrents)
  • And, yeah, no guy agrees to not have sex. (Hot Shot)
  • Unfortunately, there are people out there who don’t give a damn whether you’ve thought about it [being murdered] or not. (Hot Shot)
  • The only thing a teacher ever gave me was detention. (Spree)
  • Edgerton: Anyone else following this? [regarding one of Charlie’s math concepts]
    Colby: Just nod your head and wait for the punch line. (Two Daughters)
  • To Megan: You’re looking for a pattern in a series of random events? Professor Eppes would not approve. (Traffic)
  • Chasing a suspect: Ahh, man, I just had this suit cleaned. (Traffic)
  • Megan: Get a name?
    Colby: And an address. Plug that into your fancy little nav system in your Acura.
    Megan: Oh, don’t player hate. (Longshot)
  • Colby: That’s cool I can use the overtime.
    Megan: We don’t get overtime, Granger.
    Colby: Yeah, I know and it’s a shame cuz I could really use it. (Blackout)
  • I think Ridley Scott knew what the future was gonna look like. (Hardball)
  • If they don’t run, they skateboard. (Hardball)
  • Megan: Death was from a gunshot wound to the head.
    Colby: We needed an autopsy to tell us that? (Brutus)
  • A=B=C=D. It’s like one of Charlie’s equations … I can’t believe I just said that. (Brutus)
  • Charlie: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
    Colby: No. (Brutus)
  • David, apologize to the man for saving his life. (Brutus)
  • While driving off road: On man, FBI sedans are not made for this. (Nine Wives)
  • To Agent Warner: Nah, you gotta let him [Charlie] run with it.  He’s fun to watch when he gets going. (Finders Keepers)
  • All right Captain Nemo let’s go up on the dock.  (Finders Keepers)
  • Sweet, the FBI’s payin’ for lunch. (Take Out)
  • An unlocked door at the shady lawyer’s apartment it’s never a good sign. (Take Out)
  • Che Lobo: You people been trying to get in here [his house] for three years.
    Colby: How do you know we haven’t been? (One Hour)
  • Che Lobo: What if you find something; maybe some weed, maybe a gun?
    Colby: Well I’ll probably faint from the surprise (One Hour)
  • I don’t look good in gold chains and a pimped SUV. (One Hour)
  • I’m gonna lock him up, and you’re gonna let me. (One Hour)
  • To David: Next time you’re running and I’m driving. (One Hour)
  • Trust me, Professor Eppes’ calculations are right. (Pandora’s Box)
  • Colby: Anyone need a back issue of Popular Bomber?
    David: The man has maintained an unhealthy interest. (Burn Rate)
  • If I was you I’d choose a better time to hone my comedy routine. (Money for Nothing)
  • The way I see it: you gotta team, you gotta trust them.  That’s just the way it works. (Money for Nothing)
  • Ya know what? I haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting these gentlemen. (Money for Nothing)
  • I don’t know what his plan is, but I guess we’re backin’ him up. (Money for Nothing)
  • David: Manager says he’s a model tenant. Quiet, pays his rent on time.
    Colby: Yeah and Son of Sam’s the employee of the month. (Thirteen)
  • Not to diss his decorating sense, but I’ve definitely seen obsession done better. (Thirteen)
  • Give me a good old-fashioned foot chase any day. (Primacy)
  • Charlie: I know how to trap this guy.
    Colby: Yeah? Does it involve your deceptive upper body strength? (Primacy)
  • Colby [regarding a suspect running in a towel]: Who’s gonna tackle this guy?
    David: Who ever gets there last! (Graphic)
  • You dropped your cape, Superboy. (Graphic)
  • [to David]: For a minute there I almost believed a man could fly. (Graphic)
  • Don: We haven’t done anything outside of work for awhile.
    David: There’s a life outside of work?
    Colby: That’d be news to me. (Graphic)
  • I’ve been to plenty of gin mills in my day, man.  Who are these women that just drag you home? Where do I find them? (Black Swan)
  • Colby, go down the elevator shaft. Colby, jump in the bay.  Hey, Colby, climb the 6th Street Bridge. (Black Swan)
  • [to David]: Why don’t you stop pretending you don’t give a crap and change the damn ending. (Checkmate)
  • Colby: Maybe Charlie can slap it in one of those algorithmic, geo-profiling, hot zone, hot pocket deals.
    Don: Put it just like that when you ask him. (End Game)
  • Charlie: That cycle repeated over and over makes the game.
    Colby: Things aren’t so clean in combat. (End Game)
  • David: I was going to wait for the fire department to get here, but Granger here made me look bad by running in there.
    Colby: Right the reluctant hero.  At least you got the carry the girl. (Atomic No 33)
  • Colby: [while David takes a corner too fast] In one piece, please.
    David: Hey, you know the rule: you complain, you drive. [As a note: when we next see them in a car, Colby is driving.] (The Decoy Effect)
  • Magicians have something against track lighting or what? (Magic Show)
  • Thanks for running.  It’s easier to tell who’s guilty. (Charlie Don’t Surf)
  • There’s a science behind fried grasshoppers! (Charlie Don’t Surf)
  • David: Hey, dude, gnarly wipe out.
    Colby: You did not just say that. (Charlie Don’t Surf)
  • David: I don’t know how to get out of here.
    Colby: Don’t worry I left us breadcrumbs. (Thirty-Six Hours)
  • Charlie: You killed my bots, man.
    Colby: Well they all deserve purple hearts. Put badges on the next ones. (Thirty-Six Hours)
  • Charlie: Simpson’s Paradox.
    Colby: I love that show.
    Charlie: Not Homer, Edward. (Conspiracy Theory)
  • David and Colby [to Roy McGill]: Shut up! (Conspiracy Theory)
  • Colby: Jonze spent his last day visiting a prostitute and his buddy in prison.
    Liz: Two different stops I hope. (Conspiracy Theory)
  • It takes a nerd to catch a nerd, huh. (Frienemies)
  • David: In a world where mathematicians go mano a mano against a killer …
    Colby: This time it’s personal. (Frienemies)
  • Colby: A hand, please!
    Nikki: Punch her!
    Colby: She’s a girl! (Arrow of Time)
  • David: Looks all right.
    Colby: Looks open is what it looks, man and I’m starving (Trouble in Chinatown)
  • Colby: Hey, you do know I have the high score in the office on the combat pistol range, right?
    David: Yeah. Why?
    Colby: Just something to keep in mind in case you order me to get your coffee. (Guilt Trip)
  • That’s the thing about plans, man.  They’re great right up to the minute you put ’em in action. (Cover Me)
  • Colby: You better hope you don’t have a daughter.
    What are you talking about?
    Imagine how you’re gonna be when she turns sixteen. (Cover Me)
  • Colby: So the boss is giving his new relief commander a few hours in the pilot’s seat.  You have flown before, right?
    David: Yes.  With the same lousy navigator. (The Fifth Man)
  • Colby: I’m not one of those who needs to be running, jumping, and kicking in doors or anything …
    David: Really? (Angels and Devils)
  • Charlie: in certain circles I’m considered to be really funny.
    Colby: FBI circles? (Hangman)
  • Colby: You’ve got radicals shooting other radicals for not being radical enough.  There’s got to be a moral in there somewhere, right? (Hangman)
  • [David and Colby are on a date together to win a bet from Nikki]
    : The surf and turf look delicious.
    Colby: Shellfish will upset your stomach, remember.
    David: That’s a good point. (Friendly Fire)
  • Colby: You give any thought to our last conversation?
    David: About me signing up for Twitter? Hell yes and the answer is still hell no. (7 Men Out)
  • [to David] You know if you were in Twitter you wouldn’t have to tell Don about this in person. (7 Men Out)
  • I liked that guy a lot better when he was pointing the gun at his own head. (7 Men Out)
  • Is there anyone who isn’t writing a script in this town? (Where Credit’s Due)
  • Colby: What happens when this becomes mainstream?  People will just clone themselves and call it a do over?
    David: People already do that; it’s called having kids. (HYDRA)
  • Colby: Why do I feel like I’m in a Scooby-Doo cartoon?
    Nikki: Jinkies, Fred, I don’t know. (Dreamland)
  • Come on over here and get yourself handcuffed like a good person. (Dreamland)
  • Colby: What happened the other sixteen times, Ian?
    Ian Edgerton: I had to clean my gun when I got home. (Ultimatum)
  • David: They have internet service in the mountain, right?
    Colby: I’m gonna take you camping if only for entertainment value. (Old Soldiers)
  • Nikki: You ask me how I’m doing, I shoot you.
    Colby: How you doing? [Nikki shoves him] Take it easy, I just got in a car accident! (Devil Girl)
  • Colby: Why don’t you [David] drive.  I should only be allowed to total one car per case.(Devil Girl)
  • Rule of thumb is if something reminds me of my 10th grade geometry class, then we can probably use it to solve the case. (And the Winner Is …)
  • Colby: OK fine, I’ll be an actor.
    David: Really?
    Colby: Yeah, I got the shoulders for it. (And the Winner Is …)
  • David: Dolls?
    Colby: Army dolls.
    David: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    Nikki: I’m gonna laugh. (Growin’ Up)
  • Larry: At the request of the bride and groom, I will keep my remarks short and non-technical.  As you all know, the four fundamental forces in physics are electromagnetism, strong nuclear interaction, weak nuclear interaction and gravity.
    Colby: So I wonder what the technical version sounds like.
    Larry: I heard that. (Cause and Effect)

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