David Sinclair

FBI Special Agent

Played by: Alimi Ballard


Full Name: David Sinclair

Venice, California

Birthdate: Unknown


Early Life:
David grows up in New York and goes to high school in the Bronx; he mentions having to avoid gangs and other obstacles in order to graduate. He tells Colby kids are shot at his school but it is usually over something, stupid things certainly, but not just randomly. His two best friends growing up are Ben Ellis and Earl Day.

He has at least one sister named Linda. His father dies when he is roughly fifteen.  He states he grew up in a loving home where his family was there to support him.  He has an autistic uncle who is the younger brother of his mother.

David went to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and admits spending most of his sophomore year playing video games such as Missile Command and Frogger.

FBI Career
David’s first assignment after graduation from the FBI Academy is in Tel Aviv, Israel.  While there he learns about diffusing bombs.

He is assigned to Don’s team in 2005 by the Assistant Director of the LA office and has done some work with the Long Beach FBI office. He is usually in the field with Colby Granger; he has a difficult time reconciling their working relationship after Colby is exposed as a counter intelligence operative out to expose a leak in the Department of Justice.  Because he’s trying to work out his feelings, David starts taking more risks on cases, something that is earning him the reputation as being a cowboy.

In early 2009 David applies and is promoted to Don’s relief supervisor with Don’s blessing. After Don is stabbed during a case, David gets his first taste of being in charge of the team. In late 2009, David starts to think about his future with the FBI and asks Don what management positions might be open.

In early 2010, David is offered a team lead role for an anti-corruption team in Washington DC.  Don recommends him for the position.

Personal Life
David has not talked about his personal life or dating.  He does not like Linda going back to her ex-husband as David feels she can do better.

He is currently living in Venice, California.  As of early 2006, David is volunteering at the 23rd Street Community Center. David is still at the community center in late 2009, he is also involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

As a result of “getting a lot of murder cases” David spends a lot of professional time with Claudia Gomez at the coroner’s office.  Colby suspects there may be a crush.

Hobbies Likes/Dislikes:
David does not drink coffee. He is an avid comic book collector starting his first collection when he is nine years old. David listens to Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and early Stevie Wonder music.

David has made a study of the Kennedy assassination and thinks there was more than one gunman involved.


  • The suicide in Structural Corruption was the first ‘jumper’ David had seen.
  • David’s personal car is a red Jeep license number 5WHGO61

The Quotable David Sinclair:
  • On Charlie showing him a written equation: Yeah, that helps. (Vector)
  • Is gazillion a real number? (Prime Suspect )
  • On Hoke not being missed for two days at work: That’s either very sad or a really good job. (Sacrifice)
  • Colby: What biker gang doesn’t ride Harley’s?
    David: The urban kind. Besides, only investment bankers can afford Harley’s any more. (Judgment Call)
  • A pool is a birth-right around here. (Bettor or Worse)
  • Looks like we have a very different kinda mac. (Assassin)
  • Maybe you oughta rub it three times and find out where it’s about to send you. (Convergence)
  • Lawyers cost about $200 an hour; good will will cost you a lot less. (Bones of Contention)
  • Don: It’s more a geographic thing; apparently race isn’t really a factor.
    David: They need to circulate that memo. (Bones of Contention)
  • I’m not here to try and restore your faith in the system; I’m just trying to find his killer (The OG)
  • I wonder if he’s psychic enough to know he just made the suspect list.  (Mind Games)
  • David: Five bucks says he runs.
    Colby: Ten bucks says I catch him (Dark Matter)
  • David: What’s the first thing a New Yorker notices about LA?
    Megan: No good pizza.
    David: OK, what’s the second thing? (Rampage)
  • Megan: He [DeLock] is wanted in five countries.
    David: Six. (Rampage)
  • David: Why do they always run?
    Colby: Cuz we’re in suits.  you always think you can outrun a guy in a suit. (Undercurrents)
  • Colby: We’re the only white people in here.
    David: Yes … we are. (Undercurrents)
  • To Colby on stakeout: You get the feeling everybody’s forgotton about us? (Spree)
  • To Megan: Now that you’re done staring we might be able to get the job done. (The Mole)
  • David: I need more time!
    Megan: How about forty-five seconds?
    David: Do I have forty-six?
    Megan: Forty-four. (The Mole)
  • In your case skateboarding is a crime. (Hardball)
  • Don: Who ya gonna call?
    David: Charlie. (Killer Chat)
  • To Larry: Professor, it’s often been confusing, it’s always been real, man.  (Killer Chat)
  • David: The dude has always made me crazy.  Ever know anyone like that?
    Don: Well, you know Charlie, right? (Contenders)
  • I wasn’t really ready for old home week, ya know. (Contenders)
  • Colby: Anyone need a back issue of Popular Bomber?
    David: The man has maintained an unhealthy interest. (Burn Rate)
  • Don’t pull that chain unless you want the whole dog. (The Art of Reckoning)
  • FBI! Get on the damn ground! (Money for Nothing)
  • The bridge didn’t kill me once today, might as well give it another shot. (The Janus List)
  • I’d have taken [Babe] Ruth cuz he hit all those home runs and he was drunk. (The Janus List)
  • Megan: It’s hard to believe people line up to get into this place.
    David: Lots more line up to get turned away.  Don’t ever say I don’t take you to the hottest places. (Hollywood Homicide)
  • David: Manager says he’s a model tenant. Quiet, pays his rent on time.
    Colby: Yeah and Son of Sam’s the employee of the month. (Thirteen)
  • Don: Let me ask you something, not about this.
    David: About Liz?
    Don: Yeah, how did you know?
    David: You asked permission to ask. (Tabu)
  • Amita: If we had a DTMF decoder … that’s a dual-tone multi-frequency.  It’s touch tone.
    David: What you couldn’t have just said that to begin with?
    Amita: Yeah, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun. (Tabu)
  • David: Any hunch from Charlie is kinda like a hunch plus. (Tabu)
  • Don: Megan’s on a little bit of a time out.
    David: Again? (Tabu)
  • Charlie: Knocking on the door from 300 miles above Earth.
    David: Well we’re about to knock a lot harder. (Tabu)
  • Colby [regarding a suspect running in a towel]: Who’s gonna tackle this guy?
    David: Who ever gets there last! (Graphic)
  • Don: We haven’t done anything outside of work for awhile.
    David: There’s a life outside of work?
    Colby: That’d be news to me. (Graphic)
  • You get the feeling we’re looking a the tip of a whole other iceberg? (Black Swan)
  • Ridenhour: We all have normal levels of heavy metals: arsenic, mercury, in our bodies.  Hair shows abnormal dosages.
    David: Even a year later?
    Ridenhour: They dug up Napoleon and it worked on him, so yeah I think we still got a window here. (Atomic No 33)
  • David: Sorry to break this up, I was about to pass out from the marker fumes.
    Amita: Yes, that would be the lemon.  I told you it was too much.
    Charlie [sniffing marker]: I like it.
    David: Smells like a urinal cake. (Atomic No 33)
  • David: I was going to wait for the fire department to get here, but Granger here made me look bad by running in there.
    Colby: Right the reluctant hero.  At least you got the carry the girl. (Atomic No 33)
  • David: I’m pretty sure the top of this tower doesn’t come out in Mexico! (Atomic No 33)
  • David: Seriously, I bet Colby $20 he would blame Susan. (Atomic No 33)
  • David (on Charlie helping to find Don): Don isn’t going to like this.
    Ian: Well, we can argue about that after we save his ass. (High Exposure)
  • David: [to Nikki] New guy, you’re with me. (The Decoy Effect)
  • Colby: [while David takes a corner too fast] In one piece, please.
    David: Hey, you know the rule: you complain, you drive. [As a note: when we next see them in a car, Colby is driving.] (The Decoy Effect)
  • Nikki: In the LAPD, you kill a cop that’s a priority.
    David: In the FBI, you kill eight people, they’re all a priority. (Blowback)
  • David: Hey, dude, narly wipe out.
    Colby: You did not just say that.(Charlie Don’t Surf)
  • David: I don’t know how to get out of here.
    Colby: Don’t worry I left us breadcrumbs. (Thirty-Six Hours)
  • David and Colby [to Roy McGill]: Shut up! (Conspiracy Theory)
  • David: In a world where mathematicians go mano a mano against a killer …
    Colby: This time it’s personal. (Frienemies)
  • David: Looks all right.
    Colby: Looks open is what it looks, man and I’m starving (Trouble in Chinatown)
  • David: I can understand stealing gold, stealing art.  But who pulls a heist for shoes?
    Don: Who keeps them in a vault!? (Sneakerhead)
  • Colby: Hey, you do know I have the high score in the office on the combat pistol range, right?
    David: Yeah. Why?
    Colby: Just something to keep in mind in case you order me to get your coffee. (Guilt Trip)
  • I’m usually one for drinking the math Kool-Aide, but that doesn’t sound right. (Guilt Trip)
  • Colby: You better hope you don’t have a daughter.
    David: What are you talking about?
    Colby: Imagine how you’re gonna be when she turns sixteen. (Cover Me)
  • Colby: So the boss is giving his new relief commander a few hours in the pilot’s seat.  You have flown before, right?
    David: Yes.  With the same lousy navigator. (The Fifth Man)
  • David: In the world of statistical analysis, 23% means —
    Charlie: Uh, can I take this one? It means get your ass in gear. (Disturbed)
  • Colby: I’m not one of those who needs to be running, jumping, and kicking in doors or anything …
    David: Really? (Angels and Devils)
  • Have you ever seen them act?  There’s a reason why they call them extras. (Friendly Fire)
  • [David and Colby are on a date together to win a bet from Nikki]
    David: The surf and turf look delicious
    Colby: Shellfish will upset your stomach, remember.
    David: That’s a good point. (Friendly Fire)
  • Colby: You give any thought to our last conversation?
    David: About me signing up for Twitter? Hell yes and the answer is still hell no. (7 Men Out)
  • Fortunately, you shoot like you write. (Where Credit’s Due)
  • Amita: When you get married in India, you marry the entire family.
    David: Somebody should tell Don. (HYDRA)
  • Colby: What happens when this becomes mainstream?  People will just clone themselves and call it a do over?
    David: People already do that; it’s called having kids. (HYDRA)
  • Nikki: Nellis has to deal with these kinds of people all the time.
    Don: Nellis?
    David: Air base; Area 51.
    Don: Oho so these are really reliable people.  (Dreamland)
  • David: Are you saying we’re here on a hunch?
    Charlie: I wouldn’t call it a hunch …
    Amita: (whispers): Induction
    Charlie: It’s an induction. (Old Soldiers)
  • David: They have internet service in the mountain, right?
    Colby: I’m gonna take you camping if only for entertainment value. (Old Soldiers)
  • David: I grew up in the South Bronx and I was the kid stealing the candy. (And the Winner Is …)
  • Colby: OK fine, I’ll be an actor.
    David: Really?
    Colby: Yeah, I got the shoulders for it. (And the Winner Is …)
  • David: Dolls?
    Colby: Army dolls.
    David: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    Nikki: I’m gonna laugh. (Growin’ Up)

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