Liz Warner

FBI Special Agent
Played by: Aya Sumika

Full Name: Liz Warner


Birth Date:

Early Life:
Liz is the middle child and only girl in her family.

Liz gets pregnant while in college, however she has a miscarriage

FBI Career
It’s unclear how long Liz has been an FBI agent, her brother however thinks she should have been a marine biologist instead.

Liz has been an FBI agent for four years when she meets Don Eppes again; he was one of her instructors when she was at Quantico.  She is assigned to Don’s team when they meet again, instead she is working for the Organized Crime unit outside Los Angeles.

Liz eventually transfers to the LA office and Don’s team. In late 2008, Liz is on a short list to be transferred to either Oklahoma City or Denver. In early 2009, Liz is offered a supervisor position for the Organized Crime division of the FBI in Denver. She decides to stay in LA instead.

Personal Life
Liz’s father died years ago. Her older brother works for the State Department and her younger brother is in prison.

Liz and Don have a brief relationship beginning in late 2006, one Liz considers a rebound relationship for Don after his break-up with Robin.  Liz transfers to the LA office and both want to keep their relationship low-key to avoid gossip. When rumors start anyway, Liz and Don tell the rest of Don’s team in early 2007 they are dating.  Liz has a key to Don’s apartment.

The relationship with Don starts to fall apart when Liz finds out Don is dating an old flame now under witness protection.  Eventually the two separate, amicably it appears as Liz does not ask for a transfer and is still working on Don’s team.

Hobbies Likes/Dislikes:

Liz admits she likes to read trashy gossip magazines. She is a fan of Michael Rooker films. She might have a pet hamster.


  • Liz is introduced in episode 306 Longshot
  • Is 1/16 Cherokee

The Quotable Liz Warner:

  • Don: Tea?
    Liz: Yeah, I saw Granger make that coffee. (Burn Rate)
  • [to Don]: I didn’t realize lip-reading was one of your superpowers. (Jack of All Trades)
  • Colby: Jonze spent his last day visiting a prostitute and his buddy in prison.
    Liz: Two different stops I hope. (Conspiracy Theory)
  • You guys find new and special ways to freak me out all the time. (Arrow of Time)
  • Liz: How come everyone in LA sees a shrink?
    Nikki: Ever try to find a parking spot at lunchtime?
    Liz: Good point. (12:01AM)
  • Larry: Actually, there is no proven correlation between physical proximity and promise of result.
    Nikki: What?
    Liz: It’s not gonna go any faster with you looking over his shoulder.
    Nikki: Will it go any slower? (Angels and Devils)
  • Liz: An incredibly popular and expensive math journal?
    Charlie: All right you know what I mean. (Arm in Arms)
  • Don: What the hell happened?
  • Liz: Don’t ask me. When Charlie started talking about 4-D mapping I just did the smile and nod thing. (Arm in Arms)

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