Megan Reeves

FBI Special Agent  
Played by: Diane Farr

Full Name: Megan Reeves

Address: Unknown

Birthdate: Unknown

Early Life:

Megan is the youngest of four girls and grew up around New York.  She is a mess in high school to the embarrassment of her parents who belong to the country club and are listed on the Social Register.  She runs away at age sixteen and does not return home.  After a wake-up call, she realizes she has to make a choice about how her life will be. She attends college and feels guilty about how she treats a room-mate after the girl is raped.

She states many times she is her father’s last chance at a son and as a result is more of a tomboy than her sisters, playing every ball game known to man and knows about car maintenance and mechanics.

She dated a hockey player at some point, the relationship allowed her to learn French.

FBI Career:
Megan joins Don’s FBI team in late 2005 as a behavioral specialist after Terry Lake departs for Washington DC.

She has never lost anyone under he command before late 2005.

According to David she is one of the best shots in the office.

In early 2007, Megan is ordered by the FBI director to take an assignment with the Department of Justice; she is working with the CIA interrogating possible terror suspects. She doesn’t want to take the job, feeling it’s not a good fit for her but is overruled. Six weeks later Megan returns to the FBI office from the DOJ assignment.  She is second guessing her decisions about being an FBI agent and wonders if she can continue. By early 2008, she is trying to find a direction for her career and Larry suggests she either find new reasons to enjoy what she is doing for the FBI or find something new.

In mid 2008, Megan resigns from the FBI.  She plans to move to Washington and counsel women in prison.  She also wants to finish her doctorate.

Personal Life
As of early 2006 Megan is not in any serious relationships, though she has had at least one lunch with Professor Larry Fleinhardt.  She is given a promised ride in Larry’s 1934 Model A when they go out on their first date to an Ethiopian restaurant. By late 2006, she has had several dates with Larry, and in response to his need for structure, they work out a dating schedule.  She is proud of Larry’s achievement of doing experiments on the International Space Station, but admits to Don the timing is bad. She is aware Larry is spending time at a monastery as he leaves a note “in beautiful calligraphy” under her door.

By late 2007, Megan and Larry are closer together and seem to be reconnecting after Larry’s time on the ISS. Larry feels the relationship will continue even though Megan plans to move to Washington.

She is estranged from her father; she hasn’t spoken to him since 1996 because she can’t be what he envisioned her to be; she also says he has an anger management problem. However after a kidnapping case, Megan decides it’s time to go home and talk to her father about their issues.  She invites Larry to go with her.

Hobbies Likes/Dislikes
Megan likes café latte’s, jelly beans and popcorn. She does not read tabloids. She is a fan of the music groups Radiohead and ZZ Top. She teaches krav maga at the YMCA and has a black belt in the art.


  • Megan drives an Acura.

The Quotable Megan Reeves:
  • The stats blame the men, Granger, I’m just quoting them. (Bettor or Worse)
  • And her breasts, believe it or not, are real. In LA! (Bettor or Worse)
  • Colby: So you’re sorting those based on what?
    Megan: The ones I like and the ones I don’t. (Bettor or Worse)
  • This is the part of the SAT’s that kept me out of Harvard. (Bettor or Worse)
  • All you math guys are aced out because one of you was good in bed? (Obsession)
  • You’re a bigger somthin’ (Calculated Risk)
  • Probably the same as two brothers still mooching meals at their father’s house three nights a week (Assassin)
  • Emotions aren’t rational, Granger. Revenge is just an emotion. (Soft Target)
  • Cowboys like this don’t take ten dollar an hour McJobs. (Soft Target)
  • Megan: You don’t think a bomb is enough of a good motivator?
    Don: What part of his personality says he can take a suggestion? (Soft Target)
  • Shut up! Can’t you see the baby’s sleepin’? (Convergence)
  • He gets the girl, skips to Mexico; this guy’s got some set on him. (In Plain Sight)
  • To Colby: Why don’t we try and only break one law a day. (Scorched)
  • Cigarettes? Lighter? Spray paint?  I thought you guys were all about clean air. (Scorched)
  • Sometimes people say things to be noticed because being ignored is worse than being blamed. (Scorched)
  • That’s Law Enforcement 101. (Double Down)
  • Brandi; with an ‘I’. (Double Down)
  • To a lawyer:  And you’re just here in the spirit of that co-operation? (Harvest)
  • To Charlie: I’m so hopin’ you have one of those cute little analogies for this. (The Running Man)
  • Yeah, give me some good old fashioned red-neck chauvinism any day.  (All’s Fair)
  • In response to Colby’s question about teaching krav maga: If you’re gonna arrest people that are one hundred pounds heavier that you, you’re gonna need to learn some hobbies (Rampage)
  • To Taggert: When you were a kid were you the worst at hide and go seek ever? (Rampage)
  • To Don: I really can’t take you looking at your watch anymore. (Backscatter)
  • David: I need more time!
    Megan: How about forty-five seconds?
    David: Do I have forty-six?
    Megan: Forty-four. (The Mole)
  • To a suspect: You got a lot of buttons, ‘eh? (Traffic)
  • Megan: Get a name?
    Colby: And an address. Plug that into your fancy little nav system in your Acura.
    Megan: Oh, don’t player hate. (Longshot)
  • How about if I give the whole just us girls thing a try? (Longshot)
  • Colby: That’s cool I can use the overtime.
    Megan: We don’t get overtime, Granger.
    Colby: Yeah, I know and it’s a shame cuz I could really use it. (Blackout)
  • Megan: Death was from a gunshot wound to the head.
    Colby: We needed an autopsy to tell us that? (Brutus)
  • Referring to Larry: His spirit is crushed. He’s like a star collapsing in on himself. (Killer Chat)
  • The thing about therapy put a little bit in get a lot out. (Take Out)
  • Don: Do you think I need help?
    Megan: I don’t think they’ve made the person yet who doesn’t. (Take Out)
  • Charlie: Can you help me with some surveillance equipment?
    Megan: No. (Contenders)
  • Amita: I thought you liked the analogies.
    Megan: Any other day … (One Hour)
  • Whatever makes you feel better about handing them [documents] over. (The Janus List)
  • Megan: It’s hard to believe people line up to get into this place.
    David: Lots more line up to get turned away.  Don’t ever say I don’t take you to the hottest places. (Hollywood Homicide)
  • Megan: [to David and Colby] Hey ladies, the sorority meeting is right here in interrogation. (Robing Hood)
  • Megan: [about David and Colby] Remember when The Who got back together and decided to go out on tour?  Took ’em a little while to get their groove back.
    Don; Well, I better start hearin’ some music soon. (Robin Hood)
  • Naked car-jacking … it’s the worst kind. (Graphic)
  • Charlie: Imagine a large, uncut diamond …
    Megan: Ooo, that’s not a problem. (Checkmate)
  • So if this is a Pakistani extremist, I’m a Japanese school girl. (When Worlds Collide)

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